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?? ADAMS married ?, children:

  1. Anthony Adams

Next Generation

Anthony ADAMS married ??, children:

  1. Georgiana Caroline Adams (b 1836 Madras)

Next Generation

Georgiana Caroline ADAMS (b 1836 Madras) on 12 Jun 1851 in Madras married 26yr Charles TYLER (b 1825), children:

  1. Henry Charles Tyler (b 9 Sep 1867 Kamptee, Bengal)

  2. James Thomas Tyler (b 17 Jul 1869 Rajahmundry)



? ADAMS married ??, children:

  1. Daniel Adams

Next Generation

Daniel ADAMS married ??, children:

  1. James Adams (b 1856)

Next Generation

James ADAMS (b 1856) at 27yrs on 29 Sep 1883 in Pallavaram married 18yr Sarah MANSFIELD (b 1865 daughter of James Mansfield), children:

  1. Frederick Mansfield Adams (b 1 Dec 1888 Pallavaram)

  2. James Augustus Adams (b 4 Jan 1892 Pallavaram)

  3. Mildred Blanche Adams (b 4 Aug 1893 Pallavaram)

Next Generation

Mildred Blanche ADAMS (b 4 Aug 1893 Pallavaram) at 18yrs on 15 Oct 1912 in Rohtak, Bengal, married Richard Garren HITCHCOCK (son of Thomas Hitchcock)



info from Jaclyn Marianne Sequeira  I'm hoping to find other branches of the Sequeira family tree!:)

? ADAMS married ??, children:

  1. Dallas Elizabeth Ann Adams

Next Generation

Dallas Elizabeth Ann ADAMS, married John Hilary SEQUEIRA, children:

  1. Jaclyn Marianne Sequeira (b 1979 in Calcutta-West Bengal.)

  2. Dionne Sequeira

  3. Jeanette Sequeira.


info from  Yvette


?? ADAMS married ??, children:

  1. Delphina Adams

Next Generation

Delphina ADAMS married Henry COLKERS . children: they had 4 sons & 2 daughters 






  6. Rose Angelina COLKERS (dutch,  dob 1847 )


info submitted by

married ???, children:

  1. Philip Troy Adams. Born 29 July 1964, Ghandi Hospital Secunderabad

(Studied at St Johns Church High School, Marredpally Secunderabad. Passed 10th in 1980. Joined IAF in 1981 and retired in 2001 after completing 20 years. Immigrated to Australia in 2002. Currently staying in Darwin. )