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The Agacy Family Name is An Armenian name. Agacy's  were  orthodox Christians in Armenia. When they became Catholics they adopted the name Agacy. They were care takers of the Church. Came to India in the 19th century to Calcutta now know as Kolkotta .
?? AGACY married ??, children:

  1. Trevor Agacy

  2. Arther Agacy

  3. Baby Agacy

  4. Dulcy Agacy

  5. Don't remember .....

Next Generation

Trevor T AGACY married Marie Edith ROBINSON (French from Madagascar). Marie was born at sea (Indian Ocean) in the ship on the way to India from Madagascar. Did her studies in French from Pondicherry. Trevor and Marie met each other in the British Raj Army. Children:

  1. Brian (G) Agacy

  2. Heather Agacy (Died 2005)

  3. N S Agacy

  4. Ronald Trevor Agacy (Died 2000)

  5. Vivien Agacy (Died as an infant)

Baby AGACY married Gloria ?? (now living in Perth, Australia ) .When he was in India he worked in Britannia Biscuits Calcutta . They have four children

  1. Jean Agacy

  2. Melvin Agacy

  3. Christine Agacy

  4. Maxwell Agacy

Brian AGACY married Tressa ? of UK.  Brian worked  in the ships he jumped off the ship at Southampton and got married and settled down in UK .They have 3 children.

  1. Terry Agacy

  2. Keith Agacy

  3. Lindsay Agacy

Heather AGACY married Douglas Charles ELLIS (Worked in the British Raj Army where he came to know my Nana Marie Agacy. After his wife left for UK he got married to Heather Agacy) .

  1. Barry Frank Ellis

  2. Brian Ellis

  3. Christopher Douglas Ellis (died 2004)

  4. Geoffry Ellis

  5. Jacqueline Ellis  (Dey)

  6. Michael C Ellis

  7. Mitchel Ellis

Nevil S AGACY married Silvia Trutwien (Worked in Chittranjan Locomotives Works West Bengal .Now Retired living in Asansol .Studied in St. Mary's Dum Dum Calcutta). Children:

  1. Pinky Agacy married Sashi Bhushan Prasad, has a daughter named Angel .

  2. Jennifer Agacy

  3. Elizabeth Agacy (Died at a very young age)

Ronald Trevor AGACY  married Annapurna BISWAS .Worked in Chittranjan Locomotives Works West Bengal . Studied in St. Mary's Dum Dum Calcutta . His family is currently residing in Chittranjan (Rupnarayanpur West Bengal).

  1. Gordan Ashley Agacy  (lives in Calcutta)

  2. Robert John Agacy

  3. Prudence Angela Agacy

  4. Dominic Philip Agacy

  5. Maxwell Ian Swenten Agacy

Next Generation

Gorden Ashley AGACY married Soma ?? from Habra. Now live in Dattapokur near Barasat. West Bengal, India. The have a daughter:

  1. Jade Agacy

Robert John AGACY married Rita V Gaikwad of Bokaro Thermal (St. Paul's). They are living in Perth Australia. They have:

  1. Rori Anthony Agacy

  2. Rhea Agacy

Prudence Angela AGACY married  ??, She has a son and daughter:

  1. Provas

  2. Peggie

Domnic Philip AGACY married Evelyn MOSES of Dhanbad, They are living in Rupnarayanpur, near Asansol, West Bengal, India


Hi, I have a lot of family in Australia mainly living in and around Perth W.A. My family name is Agacy and I was born in Patna in 1936, I moved to England when I was 18 in 1954, since then some of my family have moved to Australia. I know that there are some other Agacy's also living in Australia and I would love to know if I am from the same family tree?,    Regards, Ray Agacy.

?? AGACY married ??, children:

  1. Oscar S Agacy (b 9/10/1909, Chapra, Bihar)

Next Generation

Oscar S AGACY (b 9/10/1909, Chapra, Bihar) married Gertruth D DAVIS (b 25/8/1910 Hyderabad), children:

  1. Rose Agacy (b 23/9/1931, Benares)

  2. Raymond Agacy (born 15/1/1936, Patna. Moved to UK in 1954)

  3. Brenda Agacy (b 13/5/1939, Patna)

  4. Mary Agacy (b 13/1/1943 Patna)

  5. Anna Agacy (b 15/11/1949 Dinapore)

Next Generation

Raymond AGACY (born in 1936, Patna. Moved to UK in 1954) married ??, children:

  1. Raymond Harry Agacy (b1956 S.Yorks.

  2. Susan Agacy (b1958 S.Yorks.

  3. Janis Agacy (b1961 S.Yorks.

  4. Lynne Agacy (b1966 S.Yorks.

  5. Deborah Agacy (b1969 S.Yorks


info from & Edwin George Michael

?? AGACY married ??, children:

  1. Max Agacy

Next Generation

Max AGACY married Christine Alma HUGH (b1961) & have a daughter. They all live in Perth


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