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Info from Denise Lumsden Searching for information pertaining to the LANDALE family.  


?? ANDERSON married ??, children:

  1. Jane Anderson

Next Generation

Jane ANDERSON married  Basil LANDALE, Indigo Planter, children:



info courtesy of Mike Larkum , homepage

?? ANDERSON married ??, children:

  1. Guilbert Anderson

Next Generation

Guilbert ANDERSON married ??, children:

  1. James ANDERSON (b abt 1890)

Next Generation

James ANDERSON (b abt 1890) married Florence SUARES, children:

  1. Gweny ANDERSON


?? ANDERSON married ??, children:

  1. Arthur Sly Anderson

Next Generation

Arthur Sly ANDERSON b.1861(?) in India Station Superintendant at Rawalpindi, NWR. d.1945 in India, married 1897, Agnes Georgina WINTER b. ? in India, d. 1943 buried in Murree (now Pakistan), children:

  1. Arthur Thomas ANDERSON (Paddy) b.1900 m. Addie

  2. Frederick George ANDERSON (Laddy) b.1903 m. Kathleen

  3. Eileen ANDERSON b.1909 m. Ted Walker

  4. Jack Ernest ANDERSON b.1917 in Rawalpindi. d.1996 in England

Next Generation

Arthur Thomas (Paddy) ANDERSON b.1900 married  Addie ?

Frederick George (Laddy) ANDERSON b.1903 married Kathleen ?

Eileen ANDERSON b.1909 married Ted WALKER


info supplied by Rebecca Ryall Taylor, Cambridge, U.K.

?? ANDERSON married ??, children:

  1. Pamella Patricia Ryall Anderson

Next Generation

Pamella Patricia Ryall ANDERSON married Ashley Norman Postance JONES (1924): children:

  1. Peter Neil Jones

  2. Fiona Ryall Jones


Roy ANDERSON (b1959 Tiruchinopoly) married Carmen RODRIGUES


?? ANDERSON married ??, children:

  1. May Anderson

Next Generation

May ANDERSON married Oswald XAVIER , children :

  1. Brenda Xavier (b1929)

  2. Terrance Xavier (b 1930)


?? ANDERSON married ??, children:

  1. Gregory Michael Anderson

Next Generation

Gregory Michael ANDERSON married Cheryl Lindsay MacDONALD , children :

  1. Michelle Lee Anderson (b1978, Perth)

  2. Scott Gregory Anderson (b1981, Perth)

  3. Dean Matthew Anderson (b1988, Perth)

  4. Troy David Anderson (b1989, Perth)

             (info from Scott Anderson Scott Anderson )

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