LANDAU Family Tree

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info from Elizabeth Estbergs

?? LANDAU married ??, children:

  1. Charles Landau (born Broadway 1885)

Next Generation

Charles LANDAU (born Broadway 1885) married Clara FOSTER on 25 May 1913 in Karachi., Children:

  1. Leah Landau (b 14 Feb 1914 in Hyderabad, Sind)
  2. Yettie (Yetty) Landau (born 21 May 1915 at the "Command of the Depot 2 Batallion Loyal N Lance Regiment at Bangalore")

Next Generation

Leah LANDAU (b 14 Feb 1914 in Hyderabad, Sind) married William Martin JUST on 8/6/1935 at the Methodist Church, Calaba, Bombay, India.

  1. Claire Just (born 1937, Bombay, India)

Yettie (Yetty) LANDAU (born 21 May 1915) married Alexander Thursby CARRICK on 9/6/1937 at St John's Church of England, Calaba, Bombay, India. Children

  1. Anne Carrick (born Lahore, Pakistan)
  2. David Carrick (born Cawnpore, India)
  3. Judith Carrick (born Abyab)


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