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?? LANGHAM married ??, children:

  1. Dawn Regina LANGHAM (born ?)

Next Generation

Dawn Regina LANGHAM (born ?) of  Kolar Gold Fields. Karnataka, married Patrick James FOSBERRY (born ?), Children:

  1. Geoffrey Lawrence Fosberry
  2. Anthony Jospeh Fosberry.
  3. Christopher Fosberry

(For List of members of the Anglo-Indian Community in Kolar Gold Fields, see ).


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?? LANGHAM married ??, children:

  1. William LANGHAM (born ?)

Next Generation

William LANGHAM from Satara ( was a railway engineer and is known to have supplied stone for the building of the Baswada Krishna railway bridge) .married Mary ??, children:

  1. Robert William LANGHAM (was baptised at St Joseph's Church Igatpuri in 1904).

  2. Mary LANGHAM (attended Malvern College for girls in England and married an American.(rumoured to be a Texan)

 Next Generation

Robert William LANGHAM  married ??, children:

  1. Ronald Langham

I would appreciate any information concerning the following. Ronald Langham :

  1. Mary the wife of William Langham (my lost grandmother)

  2. The sister of Robert William Langham (my lost Aunt)

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