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(Iíve had relations on my Dadís side, who immigrated in the early 60ís to London & after a couple of years, had lost touch with my parents, probably because my parents were being shunted between places in India due to my fatherís jobs. It would be a great privilege for me to contact them if possible, maybe thru the net.  Christine )


LEAHY married ??, children:

  1. Malcolm Leahy

  2. Ralph Leahy

  3. Phyllis Leahy

  4. Cynthia Leahy

  5. Rita Leahy married Ramon Hayde

  6. Basil Patrick Leahy

Next Generation

Basil Patrick LEAHY married Helen Dorinda LaFRENAIS, children:

  1. Christine Anne LEAHY ( born 7/1/1958, kolar gold fields - Karnataka, studied at St Joseph's A I Higher sec School - Trichy )

Next Generation

Christine Anne LEAHY ( born 7/1/1958, kolar gold fields - Karnataka ) married Trevor Michael LaRIVE ( born 15/7/1956 & residing in Madras - India.), children:

  1. Sean Michael Larive (b 22/06/1985)

  2. Kevin Antonio Larive (b 08/11/ 1988.)

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