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Information supplied by Claud LeMerle. 16/11/1999

JULES AUGUSTUS PIERRE LeMERLE - living in Mahe early 19th century, married ?? FRANZ. Children:

  1. Felix Franz , b.1851, Mahe, Hyderabad

  2. Alexander  Franz ("Alick"), b. 1856/7

Next Generation

Felix Franz LeMERLE married Helen Veronica D'VAZ Children:

  1. John Dominic Franz LeMERLE

  2. Richard Augustine LeMERLE b.1876

  3. James Alfred LeMERLE  b.1877

  4. Frank Stanislaus  LeMERLE  b.1881

  5. Hilda LeMERLE..

  6. Mary Clarissa LeMERLE b.1889

  7. Josephine Beatrix LeMERLE b.1890

  8. Albert Robert LeMERLE b.1891

  9. Katherine Dieudonne LeMERLE b.1892

  10. Elizabeth LeMERLE( b. ?)

Alexander Franz LeMERLE b 1856/7. Pleader (= barrister)   married ??, Children:

  1. Blanche Amelia Ida LeMerle b.1881/2,

  2. Lillian Louise LeMerle b. 1886/7

Alexander Franz LeMERLE b 1856/7. Pleader (= barrister) married Kate Amy Mitchell, Children:

  1. Kathleen Irene Louise LeMerle b.1901 (possibly also other children)


We have more information about the descendants of FELIX FRANZ LeMERLE.

We are seeking information about JULES AUGUSTUS PIERRE LeMERLE.

We would like to contact the descendants of JOSEPH HUBERT LeMERLE (b. 1904), son of John Dominic Franz LeMERLE, who have already put some information on the internet.


I will send more info as I uncover it, cheers Caroline LeMERLE,   29/10/1999

Alexander John LeMERLE (born1850s....he was solicitor or judge on Malabar coast, in British Colonial Service) married Amelia GOUDIE, children:

  1. Lillian LeMERLE (degree in Music London University, never married)

  2. John LeMERLE (presumabley born in India too)

  3. Augustus Lewis LeMERLE (born Malabar Coast in 1887, educated England and London University with Engineering Degree, went into the British army according to family folklore)

Next Generation

Augustus Lewis LeMERLE married Florence Ada MATE (1915).  'Lewis' LeMERLE went to Afganistan and Gallipoli in WW1; children:

  1. Elizabeth LeMERLE ( b.1917 in Ceylon)

  2. Thomas Hodges LeMERLE (born 1920 Australia)

  3. Patricia LeMERLE (born 1923 Australia)

  4. David LeMERLE (born 1926 Australia)

Next Generation

Elizabeth LeMERLE (b.1917 in Ceylon) married Lance H WHITE, children :

  1. Dianne LeMERLE (1953)

Thomas Hodges LeMERLE  married Ann STEDMAN, children :

  1. Caroline LeMERLE (1952)

  2. Deidre LeMERLE (1953)

Patricia LeMERLE (born 1923 Australia) married Alfred LENNON:

  1. Margaret Lennon (late 1950s early1960s),

  2. Hugh Lennon (late 1950s early1960s)

David LeMERLE (born 1926 Australia) married Nancy ?...., children :

  1. Katherine LeMERLE (1954),

  2. Anthony LeMERLE (mid 1950s).

Next Generation

Deidre LeMERLE (b 1953) married David LUCKETT, children :

  1. Thomas John Luckett (b 1993).

I will send more info as I uncover it, cheers Caroline LeMERLE,   29/10/1999


? LeMERLE (Salt and Excise Dept Inspector) married Anne LAFRANAIS, children :

  1. Marie LeMERLE

  2. Joseph Hubert LeMERLE

  3. Muriel LeMERLE

  4. Estelle LeMERLE

  5. Kathleen LeMERLE

Next Generation

Joseph Hubert LeMERLE married Elvira Philomena CLARKE, children :

  1. John Cedric LeMERLE

  2. Allan Joseph LeMERLE

  3. Hubert (Bob) Ignatius LeMERLE

  4. Michael Arthur LeMERLE

  5. Brian LeMERLE

  6. Rae Anthony LeMERLE

  7. Barry Christopher LeMERLE

Next Generation

John Cedric LeMERLE married Colleen D'ROZARIO :

  1. Sean LeMERLE,

  2. Rene LeMERLE (rene.lemerle@property.com.au )

Allan Joseph LeMERLE married Treasure FOWLER :

  1. John LeMERLE,

  2. Joanne LeMERLE

Hubert Ignatius LeMERLE married Auriel TIMMINS :

  1. Karenza LeMERLE

Michael Arthur LeMERLE married Cynthia COELHO :

  1. Karen LeMERLE,

  2. Colette LeMERLE

Rae Anthony LeMERLE married Anita MICHAEL :

  1. Glen LeMERLE,

  2. Gregory LeMERLE

Barry LeMERLE married Adelle THOMAS :

  1. Craig LeMERLE,

  2. Aleysha LeMERLE.

Audrey LeMERLE married Grenville FEWKES:

  1. Fiona Fewkes,

  2. Glenys Fewkes,

  3. Gavin Fewkes,

  4. Dinny Fewkes


info from Cathy ckannedy@optusnet.com.au.

Kathleen LeMERLE married William Hope ANDREWS at Bitragunta, children :

  1. Trevor Andrews

  2. Leslie Andrews

  3. Joyce Andrews

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