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Jesse LITTLEWOOD of Liverpool( England ) married ??, children:

  1. George Littlewood of Khurda Road - Orissa.

Next Generation

George LITTLEWOOD of Khurda Road - Orissa, married  Antonette MADEIRA, children:

  1. Terence George Littlewood

  2. Arnold Littlewood married norma shreeves, children marie,george,nelson,robin and anne marie)

  3. kenneth littlewood

  4. althea littlewood (married clarence culpepper, children marlene, david, brian, quentin)

  5. dermot littlewood(married olive from guntukul ,children dominica,veronica,john)

  6. connie littlewood (married eric vanjour of kharagpur,children,michael(deceased),yvonne,brenda,rosie,steven)

Next Generation

Terence George LITTLEWOOD married Olga Teresa BORGANAH ( daughter of Charles & Bridget Borganah of Khurda Road - India), children:

  1. Dudley Littlewood

  2. jennifer littlewood (married lionel thomas;son lyndon married sonja benjamin-son asher thomas born 2009)

  3. duncan littlewood(unmarried)

  4. sandra littlewood(married richard feegrade ,sons nigel and andrew;nigel married dawn bastian son-savio born 2009)

  5. leonie littlewood(married desmond bastian from secunderabad,3 daughters dawn,juliette married fabian redden,1 son zidane;dawn married nigel feegrade,1 son savio;audrey married rupesh)

  6. cedric littlewood(married jill blanche,two daughters nicola married?mary unmarried

  7. carlton littlewood(married wendy francis,sons brandon and cameron,australia)

  8. shelton littlewood(married sunita biswas,children celine and samson)


Next Generation

Dudley LITTLEWOOD (Sydney Australia ) fomerly of Khurda Road (India) married Hazel PINTO of Nagpur (India) Two daughters,

  1. Karen Littlewood

  2. Stephanie Littlewood


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