LONEL Family Tree

with links to British India

If there are any readers who know of anyone with my family name please contact me.  Justus Albert LONEL jay_lo@bigpond.com

?? LONEL married ??, children:

  1. Albert George LONEL

Next Generation

Albert George LONEL (managed one of the Spinning Mills in Madura) married ??, children:

  1. Justin Albert Lonel (born in TANGASSERI on 25th FEB 1932 and studied in INFANT JESUS ANGLO INDIAN HIGH SCHOOL for a two years up to 1942 and moved on to ST MARY'S HIGH SCHOOL MADURA)
  2. Josephine Lonel ( b ?, studied in MOUNT CARMELS GIRLS SCHOOL TANGASSERI )
  3. Marie Lonel ( b ?, studied in MOUNT CARMELS GIRLS SCHOOL TANGASSERI )

Albert George LONEL married ??, children:

  1. Joan Lonel
  2. Bernie Lonel

Next Generation

Justin Albert LONEL married Carmeline D'SYLVA from Royapettah Madras, and family have lived in MELBOURNE since 15th March 1969.

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