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James BARKER married ??, children:

  1. James Barker (b 1841)

Next Generation

James BARKER Driver D Battery Royal Horse Artillery (b 1841) at 26yrs on 4 Apr 1867 in Bangalore married 18yr Mary BLAKE (b 1849 daughter of James Blake), children:

  1. Alice Mary Barker (b 31 Jan 1868, c 25 Mar 1868 Fort St George)

  2. Herbert Lionel Barker (b 8 May 1869, c 12 Sep 1869 Mhow)

  3. Ann Barker (b 25 Aug 1869, c 7 Oct 1869 Fort St George)

  4. Ellen Elizabeth Barker (b 14 Jan 1871, c 2 Feb 1871 Fort St George)

  5. James Henry Charles Barker (b 31 Oct 1872, c 14 Nov 1872 Bangalore)

  6. Joseph Benjamin Barker (c 15 Oct 1874 Bangalore)

  7. Frederic William Barker (b 1878, d 18 Nov 1878 Madras)

  8. Sarah Ann Barker (b 3 Jun 1879, c 12 Jul 1879 Trimulgherry)

Next Generation

James Henry Charles BARKER (b 31 Oct 1872, c 14 Nov 1872 Bangalore) on 11 Oct 1899 in Simla married Alice McAVOY (daughter of Joseph McAvoy), children:

  1. Claude Wilfred James Barker (b 1901)

Next Generation

Claude Wilfred James BARKER (b 1901) at 25yrs on 9 Jun 1926 in Rangoon married 22yr Edna FERDINANDS (b 22 Apr 1903, c 12 Jun 1903 Rangoon)



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?? BARKER married ??, children:

  1. Frederick  BARKER

Next Generation

Frederick BARKER in 1886 in Cawnpore/Kanpur, married Elizabeth Maria WHITEHEAD (b.1870 Agra, daughter of James (1837) & Catherine (1851) WHITEHEAD), children:

  1. Eric Alexander Barker (b 1893)

Next Generation

Eric Alexander BARKER (b 1893) married ??, children:

  1. Evelyn Gertrude Barker (b 1919)

Next Generation

Evelyn Gertrude BARKER (b.1919) married Reginald (Rex) DUCASSE in 1938 in Calcutta, children:

  1. Yvonne Ducasse (twin) married ??, daughter: Sandra

  2. Shirley Ducasse (twin)


info from Geoff Cave

Would appreciate any info on this family, in particular, George CLARK and Frederick BARKER

?? BARKER married ??, children:

  1. Frederick George BARKER

Next Generation

Frederick George BARKER (b abt 1860) - a sergeant of railway police in India, ? Bombay or Calcutta, married Elizabeth Hyde HYDE (b. 1866 d. 1939 in Calcutta)., children:

  1. Ursula Hyde BARKER (b.1891 in India) was a matron at Lawrence Royal Military School in Simla.

Next Generation


Ursula Hyde BARKER (b.1891 in India) married George CLARK (b.1835 in Stanningley, Leeds, UK) in 1912 in St. Thomas Church, Calcutta.   They used to live at 39 Lower Circular Road in those days. Children:


1.  Doreen Clark

2.  Rita Ellen Clark

3.  Eileen Maud Clark

4.  Darrell Clark



info supplied by Connie JOSEPH (nee LAZARO) 

?? BARKER married ??, children:

  1. Robert BARKER

Next Generation




  3. ??


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?? BARKER married ??, children:

  1. Gwendoline Barker

Next Generation

Gwendoline BARKER married Ivan Leslie RIDGE-COOKE (OC High Court Calcutta....pre-independence), Children....

  1. Arthur Terence Ridge-Cooke married Olga Mary Rodrigues, children...Ashley (Kuwait)Ian and MAryann (Melbourne); Ashley married Rufina Wortha from bangalore.....on the 26th October 2004, Ian and maryann is australia, Ashley n Ian schooling from St. Vincents, Asansol....Maryann La Martiniere's for Girls calcutta

  2. Bobby Ridge-Cooke married Jenny ?, children....Gavin/Leslie/Robbie(calcutta)

  3. Leslie Ridge-Cooke married pam from madras(2nd marriage) ,children....Lisa/Leon(melbourne)

  4. Marie Ridge-Cooke(calcutta) married Harry Morris, no children


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?? BARKER married ??, children:

  1. Errol Robert BARKER

Next Generation

Errol Robert BARKER (b1938, d 2000 Wales. Left India in 1959 and settled in Wales in the early 70's. A tenacious man who worked hard and had a very positive influence on many peoples' lives.)  married Maureen DOYLE, children:

  1. Michael Barker

  2. Michelle Barker

  3. Suzanne Barker

Errol Robert BARKER (b1938, d 2000 Wales. Left India in 1959 and settled in Wales in the early 70's. A tenacious man who worked hard and had a very positive influence on many peoples' lives.) married (2nd marriage) Kathryn DAVIES (09/04/1960), children:

  1. Jessica Barker


info to be submitted by Lexa DANIELLS (nee Barker)

I have noticed that one of the schools that some Anglo Indians like myself attended is not listed. St. Thomas High School (run by the sisters of St. Charles Convent) in Lingarajpuram, Bangalore, South India. It used to be co-ed until the 2nd Standard after which most  boys attended St. Germain School, St. Joseph's School or any of the other Protestant schools like Clarence, Bishop Cottons, Baldwins etc.  I visited my old school in 1998 January when I was on a holiday in Bangalore. My maiden name was BARKER. Just wondering if someone had more information on the old school. You have done a wonderful job on the website. Thanks for your time. Regards Lexa


?? BARKER married ??, children:

  1. Mavis Rita BARKER

Next Generation

Mavis Rita BARKER married Aubrey Mervyn CLEMENTS, they had 6 children,

  1. Crystal Clements 

  2. John ( Bull ) Clements 

  3. Alan Mervyn Clements 

  4. Ashley Clements 

  5. Audrey Clements 

  6. Kenneth Clements confirmed bachelor.   


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