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?? BARNES married ??, children:

  1. Victor Clarence Barnes (b ?)

Next Generation

Victor Clarence BARNES married Shirley Jean THOMPSON (daughter of Lt Col R O (Rolly) Thompson), children:

  1. Raymond Bryan Barnes (b ?)




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?? BARNES married ??, children:

  1. Ethel Florence Barnes

Next Generation

Ethel Florence BARNES married Henry (or Harry ?) Joseph McMAHON (born 17th. May 1896, place ? out at sea during parents voyage from U.K. to India, ship landed at Madras. No record at any of the churches in Madras of Birth. (help wanted if anyone could inform if there is any other place for me to try any check this record), died in U.K.)  at Arkonam, Madras in the Kirks Church (Scottish) on 23rd. June 1918. Children:

  1. Robert Maurice McMahon - Male, Robert Maurice McMahon married Gertrude Rose Cecilia Pereira

  2. Esme McMahon - Female

  3. Fanny McMahon - Female

  4. Patrick McMahon - Male

  5. Hazel McMahon- Female

  6. Eric McMahon - Male (died at a young age - was shot by Indian terrorists in Kolem (Goa) then a Portuguese Colony, when manning a Goods Train, he was the Fireman on duty (Steam Engine)

  7.  name not known (Called Robo - Male)


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?? BARNES married ??, children:

  1. Reginald Barnes

Next Generation

Reginald BARNES married Freda MacDONALD (b1918, Poona, d2001 Edmonton), children:

  1. Glenys Barnes

  2. Patrick Barnes

  3. Sandy Barnes

  4. Hilton Barnes

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