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Hi, I am trying to find any info on my grandfather. His name was Mervyn Joseph Bellett and his father's name was William Bellett. I know he was born in England (Surry area) around 1912 (April, I think) (don't know for sure, as he had fibbed about his age to get into the Army). He was in India, married my grandmother Josephine Bridget d'Mello in 1933 and eventually passed away in Madras, India.  Ann Pereira


George BELLETT married ?, children:

  1. George Alfred Bellett (b 1843)

Next Generation

George Alfred BELLETT (b 1843) at 29yrs on 18 Sep 1872 in Bangalore married 33yr widow Emma RICKARDE nee HODGES (b 1839 daughter of James Hodges), children:

  1. George Bellett (b 28 Jun 1875 Kamptee)

  2. Emma Bellett (b & d 30 Jul 1880 Kamptee)

George Alfred BELLETT married Annie ?, children:

  1. Annie Josephine Bellett (b 27 Apr 1884 Bangalore)

  2. Agnes Ethel Bellett (b 28 Jun 1885 Bangalore)

  3. William George Joseph Bellett (b 6 Dec 1886, c 16 Dec 1886 Bangalore)

  4. Florence Mary Bellett (b 18 Apr 1889, c 19 May 1889 Arkonam)

  5. Caroline Terese Bellett (b 13 May 1891 Bellary)

  6. Alfred George Bellett (b 1893)

  7. Albert Joseph Bellett (b 22 May 1899, c 10 Jul 1899 Tellicherry)

  8. Winifred Clara Bellett (b 5 May 1901, c 16 Sep 1901 Trichinopoly)

Next Generation

Agnes Ethel BELLETT (b 28 Jun 1885 Bangalore) at 21yrs on 21 Nov 1906 in Nagpur married 38yr Charles Henry MATTHEWS (b 1868 son of Thomas Matthews)


William George Joseph BELLETT (b 6 Dec 1886, c 16 Dec 1886 Bangalore) at 22yrs on 19 Apr 1909 in Trichinopoly married 34yr widow Marian Magdalene ? nee BYME (b 1875 daughter of James Byme),  children:

  1. Mervyn Joseph Bellett (b 24 Apr 1911, c 7 May 1911 Coimbatore)

  2. William Herbert Clarence Bellett (b 21 Oct 1912, c 6 Nov 1912 Trichinopoly)

Caroline Terese BELLETT (b 13 May 1891 Bellary) at 18yrs on 28 Jun 1909 in Trichinopoly married 24yr Alfred Patrick CHAPMAN (b 1885 son of Michael Chapman)


Caroline Terese CHAPMAN nee BELLETT (b 13 May 1891 Bellary) widow at 31yrs on 26 Nov 1923 in Trichinopoly married 32yr George Edward GEDLAND (b 1891 son of George Gedland)


Alfred George BELLETT (b 1893) at 35yrs on 26 Dec 1928 in Trichinopoly married 20yr Blanche Esther D'MELLO (b 1908 daughter of Joseph Arthur D'Mello)


Alfred George BELLETT (b 1893) widowed at 41yrs on 19 Sep 1934 in Trichinopoly married 20yr Hannah ROUSE (b 1914 daughter of Samuel & Soora Mary Rouse), children:

  1. Gladys Barbara Bellett (b 20 Jul 1935 Trichinopoly)

  2. Hazel Jessie Bellett (b 12 Oct 1939 Trichinopoly)

Albert Joseph BELLETT (b 22 May 1899, c 10 Jul 1899 Tellicherry) at 31yrs on 6 Mar 1930 in Trichinopoly married 25yr Antoni Ammal ? (b 1905 daughter of Manuel)


Winifred Clara BELLETT (b 5 May 1901, c 16 Sep 1901 Trichinopoly) at 21yrs on 5 Jun 1922 in Salem married 25yr Robert William WATTS (b 1897 son of Oswald Pridholme Watts)


Next Generation

Mervyn Joseph BELLETT (b 24 Apr 1911, c 7 May 1911 Coimbatore) at 21yrs on 27 Feb 1933 in Trichinopoly married 18yr Josephine Bridget D'MELLO (b 1915 daughter of Joseph Anthony D'Mello), children:

  1. Mary Lynette Geraldine Bellett (b 3 Feb 1936, c 22 Feb 1936 Trichinopoly)

  2. John Alfred Cedric Bellett (b 11 Jul 1938, c 21 Jul 1938 Trichinopoly)

William Herbert Clarence BELLETT (b 21 Oct 1912, c 6 Nov 1912 Trichinopoly) at 27yrs on 15 Jul 1942 in Royapettah married 17yr Pansy Margaret PATTERSON (b 1925 daughter of Patrick Patterson)


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