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Hi, wonder if you can help me. I live in England but want to trace my family. I'm white/English but my grandad was Indian...He was born in meerut on 11/3/1933 and moved to England in about 1950-1952 and married my grandma shortly after. The name he used over here was William G Smith, but because he wasnt white, we think he may have changed his name. That's him on the left of the picture with my grandma and me on my grandma's lap...I'm afraid we don't know much as he didn't really talk about it. He passed away in 1985. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks... Chris Smith.


On Sat, Mar 6, 2021 at 8:44 AM SMIFFY TV wrote: Hi, sorry to bother you. My name's Christopher smith born 1977 in Bradford. You posted for me a few years ago about my grandad. One of the posts has my old email address on. The one I'm messaging on now is my current one. So I'm not sure whether I've got any messages. As there's this email and My old one. My grandad was William George smith, born in 1933 in Meerut, India. His dad was also William smith and his mum was Agnes Angelina smith and they were born about 1904 and 1905 respectively.. I think. I managed to find their passenger lists for the boat they came to England on. I think it was just after partition. My grandad William, married my English grandma Annice Smith Nee Higgins in Bradford in 1952. I remember being told my grandad worked on the railways at some point, then my grand parents, my dad David, uncles William and George and aunties Margaret and Rosina, moved to camborne in Cornwall whilst my grandad worked in the tin mines down there. When I first posted, I hadn't really heard about the Anglo Indian community, but have since learnt a LOT! I'm PROUD to have Anglo Indian/Indian blood in me. Although, I was surprised as to how our community came about and the fact British soldiers got paid for each child they had with Indian women. I'd love to be able to find ANY potential relatives, either in the UK or India... I know we have Blake's in our family from Meerut, and possibly some Greenwood and Massey/massy. Most of which come from Meerut. Thanks for reading this and await a possible reply. Chris smith


? BLAKE married ??, children:

  1. John Benjamin Blake

Next Generation

John Benjamin BLAKE married ??, children:

  1. Charles Blake

Next Generation

Charles BLAKE married ?


Charles BLAKE widowed on 12 Feb 1879 in Meerut married widow Mary Virginia BISCOWE nee Massy, (daughter of Enyath Massy) children:

  1. Joseph Nicholas Blake (b 24 Mar 1874)

Next Generation

Joseph Nicholas BLAKE (b 24 Mar 1874) at 21yrs on 8 Jul 1896 in Meerut married 21 yr Agnes Josephine ?? (b 1875) children:

  1. Charles Blake (b 18 Nov 1898 Meerut)

  2. Joseph Nicholas Blake (b 28 Jan 1900, d 8 Oct 1900 Meerut)

  3. Agnes Angelina Blake (b 22 May 1905 Meerut)

Next Generation

Agnes Angelina BLAKE (b 22 May 1905 Meerut) at 21yrs on 26 Aug 1927 in India married 25yr Robert William Christian WOOLTERTON (b 1902 son of Robert Jerry Woolterton), children:

  1. Douglas Leslie Charles Valentine Woolterton (b 14 Feb 1928 Meerut)

Agnes Angelina WOOLTERTON (nee BLAKE) (b 22 May 1905 Meerut) at 26yrs on 23 Sep 1932 in Meerut after her divorce from Robert, married 28yr William SMITH (b1904), children:

  1. William G Smith (b 11 Mar 1933 Meerut, moved to England in about 1950-1952, d 1985)

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