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? CAREY married  ?, children:

  1. Patrick Carey

Next Generation

Patrick CAREY married ?, children:

  1. John Carey (b 1833)

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John CAREY (b 1833) at 28yrs on 30 Apr 1861 in Meerut married 23yr Anne DOWLING (b 1838 daughter of Patrick Dowling)



? CAREY married  ?, children:

  1. John Carey

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John CAREY married Anne ?, children:

  1. Catherine Carey (b 1821, d 3 Sep 1824 Masulipatam)

  2. Thomas Carey (b 17 Feb 1823, c 18 Jun 1823 Masulipatam)

  3. Michael Henry Carey (b 10 May 1825 Kamptee)

  4. Cornelius Carey (b 1828)

  5. Cecilia Carey (b 1829)

  6. James Carey (b 1830)

Next Generation

Michael Henry CAREY (b 10 May 1825 Kamptee) at 25yrs on 17 Jul 1850 in Madras married 19yr Emily Joanna LONG (b 1831). Children:

  1. Alice Dora Carey (b 3 Jul 1851 Madras)

  2. Helen Stella Carey (b 1855)

  3. Anne Beatrice Carey (b 13 Jun 1857, c 6 Dec 1857 Chudderghaut)

Cornelius CAREY (b 1828) at 28yrs on 28 Apr 1856 in St Thomas Mount married 31yr widow Anne SUPPLE nee McCONNORS (b 1825)


Cecilia CAREY (b 1829) married ? SEYDON


Cecilia SEYDON nee CAREY (b 1829) at 26yrs on 3 May 1854 in Bellary married 32yr John BREEN (b 1822 son of Patrick Breen)


James CAREY (b 1830) at 27yrs on 17 May 1857 in Madras married 20yr Mary Ann Margaret WHELDOM (b 1837 daughter of Patrick Wheldom)


Next Generation

Alice Dora CAREY (b 3 Jul 1851 Madras) on 22 Apr 1868 in Chudderghaut married Palmer Knight FALLON (son of William Armstrong Fallon)


Helen Stella CAREY (b 1855) at 17yrs on 16 Oct 1872 in Chudderghaut married 23yr Emile Prudent ALLISE (b 1849 son of  Emile Allise)


Anne Beatrice CAREY (b 13 Jun 1857, c 6 Dec 1857 Chudderghaut) at 17yrs on 14 Oct 1874 in Chudderghaut married 24yr Daniel Richard O'LEARY (b 1850 son of Daniel O'Leary).


Anne Beatrice O'LEARY nee CAREY (b 13 Jun 1857, c 6 Dec 1857 Chudderghaut) at 19yrs on 27 sep 1876 in Chudderghaut married 23yr Walter Daniel BOARDMAN (b 1853 son of John Walker Boardman)




? CAREY married ?, children:

  1. Timothy Carey

Next Generation

Timothy CAREY married ?, children:

  1. Anne Mary Carey

Next Generation

Anne Mary CAREY on 19 Oct 1855 in Agra married John McARDLE (son of Edward McArdle)



info from Lorraine Hinschen


?? CAREY married ??, children:

  1. Octavius Carey

Next Generation

Octavius CAREY married ?, children:

  1. Denis Carey (b 28 Jul 1834 St Mary de Castro Guernsey, d 2 Mar 1917 The Rectory Toynton All Saints Spilsbury Lancashire)

Next Generation

Denis CAREY Interpreter, engineer, clergyman (b 28 Jul 1834 St Mary de Castro Guernsey, d 2 Mar 1917 The Rectory Toynton All Saints Spilsbury Lancashire. Educated at Elizabeth College, 1846-9; College No. 848; also at Brighton College; joined the H.E.I.C.S. 1853; posted to 2nd Madras Light Cavalry as Cornet, Lieutenant 1854; interpreter in Hindustani; obtained Certificates as Surveyor and Civil Engineer at the Normal College, Poona, in 1857; Captain 1862, retired as Captain 1864; entered Downing College, Cambridge; B.A. 1867; Holy Orders 1867; Curate of Burton-on-Trent 1867; and of Beccles 1869; Vicar of Twycross Leicestershire1870-3; Vicar of Little Missenden 1873-9; and of Baildon 1879-96; Rector of Toyton All Saints, Spilsbury, Lincolnshire, till his death in 1917.) married Jane Charlotte LEATHES 1(b 7 Oct 1867 Mutford Norfolk England), children:

  1. Lilian Carey (b 1870)

  2. Hirzel Denis de Mussenden Carey (b 1871, d 24 Dec 1968)

  3. Gaspard Robert de Mussenden Carey

  4. Sophia de Mussenden Carey

  5. Wilfred Leathes de Mussenden Carey

Next Generation

Hirzel Denis De Mussenden CAREY Magistrate and collector at Bengal, resided at 11 Park House Foxgrove Road Beckenham and 8 Pall Mall London (b 1871, d 24 Dec 1968) on 6 Nov 1907 in Darbhango married Evelyn Mary RAWLINS, children:

  1. Elizabeth Carey


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?? CAREY married ??, children:

  1. Harry CAREY (b 06-01-1921, Allahabad, formerly from Alipore, Calcutta,  studied at St. Joseph's, Allahabad, died 6/2/2003)

Next Generation

Harry CAREY (b 06-01-1921, Allahabad, formerly from Alipore, Calcutta, died 6/2/2003) married Joyce BREWER, children:

  1. Peter Carey

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