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? CHRISTOPHER married ?, children:

  1. Morris Edward George Christopher

Next Generation

Morris Edward George CHRISTOPHER married Josephine Adelaide ?, (b 1846, d 10 Jan 1923 Calcutta) children:

  1. Ethel Blanch Christopher (b 22 Nov 1885 Madras)


John CHRISTOPHER married Elizabeth ?, children:

  1. Mary Christopher (b 12 Nov 1859 Trichinopoly)

  2. Patrick John Christopher (b 1860)


Next Generation

Patrick John CHRISTOPHER (b 1860) at 23yrs on 11 Jul 1883 in Bellary married 16yr Ann Maria GAYSSOR (b 1867 daughter of John Gayssor)


Patrick John CHRISTOPHER (b 1860) widowed, at 35yrs on 25 Sep 1895 in Bangalore married 18yr Emily Mildred BOSWARD, (b 1877, daughter of RobertBosward) children:

  1. Patrick John Christopher (b 4 Mar 1897 Hubli)

  2. Robert Henry Christopher (b 4 Mar 1897 Hubli)

Next Generation

Patrick John Christopher  (b 4 Mar 1897 Hubli) at 24yrs on 25 Oct 1923 in Ghorpuri married 18yr Hazel Zena Haig TEVENDALE, (b 13 Jan 1905 Cochin, daughter of Alexander Haig & Blanche Tevendale) children:

  1. Diana Lavina Christopher (b 25 Nov 1923 Ghorpuri, Bombay)

  2. Ronald Alexander Anthony Christopher (b 18 Apr 1926)

  3. Carlisle Hugh Christopher (b 14 Feb 1928 Nellore)

  4. Ramona Marie Christopher (b 20 May 1930 Poona)

  5. Hermione Edina Mary Christopher (b 17 Sep 1939 Ghorpuri)

  6. Warner Ronald Christopher (b 30 Oct 1946 St Thomas Mount)


John CHRISTOPHER married ?, children:

  1. Elliot Christopher (b 1899)

Next Generation

Elliot CHRISTOPHER (b 1899) at 26yrs on 18 Mar 1925 in Kolar Gold Fields married 21yr Daisy Claudine JOHNSON, (b 1904 daughter of Edward Johnson)  children:

  1. Dorothy Philomena Christopher (b 29 Oct 1925 Madras)

  2. Irene Thelma Helena Christopher (b 9 Oct 1928 Madras)



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