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Info supplied by Aloma LIVELY


Rhys CLAREMONT married ??. According to older family members he (Rhys) was an Englishman, minister/missionary who came to India with the Basel Mission and was stationed in Mangalore. We have no record of whom he married, but do know he had a son. He left India, and his son was given to the Basel Mission Boarding School, and he sent money for his son's upkeep. He died sometime in the 1920's, and is buried in Basel, Switzerland. Queries were sent from Basel to India seeking his heirs when he died, but as far as I know, no connection took place between those seeking his heirs and the family itself. The info I have on his descendants is as follows:

  1. David CLAREMONT (1891-93?), Lighthouse Superintendent of Mangalore, Lighthouse Superintendent of Tuticorin (?years unknown).

Next Generation

David CLAREMONT (1891-93?), Lighthouse Superintendent of Mangalore, Lighthouse Superintendent of Tuticorin (?years unknown) married Susan BANGARA (also given to the Basel Mission Boarding School), children:

  1. Louis CLAREMONT (b. 1874, unsure): Left home to work on a ship at 15yrs. Was a witness to the Calcutta Mutiny. Then left India for London, was boarding with a lady who had 4 daughters. Was not seen or heard from again.

  2. Hepsibah CLAREMONT

  3. Georgina CLAREMONT

  4. Felicia CLAREMONT

  5. William CLAREMONT

  6. Sophie CLAREMONT, b. 1891, unsure.

Next Generation

Hepsibah CLAREMONT married Jake SHEERAN

Hepsibah CLAREMONT married (2nd marriage) ? LAWRENCE


Felicia CLAREMONT married Ernest THAYIL


William CLAREMONT married Mary ? : Children:

  1. Kitty Claremont,

  2. Harold Claremont,

  3. Millie Claremont,

  4. Joe Claremont


If you can help me out I would appreciate it. Thank you. Aloma Lively



(Info supplied by Dennis de LIMA)


? CLAREMONT married ??, children:

  1. Kathleen Sylvia Claremont.

Next Generation

Kathleen Sylvia CLAREMONT married Alfred William de LIMA (born 13 June 1912 in Madras) on 1/4/1935, Cochin, children :

  1. Dennis William de Lima (born 14/7/1938, Karachi),

  2. Noreen Patricia Prudence de Lima (born 24/4/1941, Cochin).

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