COBB Family Tree

with links to British India

Info from Sandra

?COBB married ??, children:

  1. Candy Cobb

Next Generation

Candy COBB (residing in Chennai) married David ALLAN, and have a daughter,

  1. Justine Allan.


info submitted by

?COBB married ??, children:

  1. Clara Cobb

Next Generation

Clara COBB married Thomas Middleton , children.

  1. Winifred Middleton
  2. Grace Middleton.
  3. DorothyMiddleton ,
  4. (Baba) Middleton
  5. Millicent .Middleton
  6. Edward Middleton (Neddy)
  7. Elaine Middleton.
  8. Christine Middleton.
  9. William Middleton.
  10. Fred Middleton.
  11. Blanche Valentine Middleton

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