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I am trying to trace the mother and father of Stella Mary Clarissa Coelho. born approx 1872. Married to a William Henry Hunter in Dinapore 1891 had three children Olga Hunter was my Grandmother. Any information or direction would be welcomed. Thank you. Rosemary Nemeth <>


?? COELHO married ??, children:

  1. Stella Mary Clarissa Coelho (b approx 1872)

Next Generation

Stella Mary Clarissa COELHO (b approx 1872) married William Henry HUNTER in Dinapore 1891, had 3 children:

  1. Olga Hunter

  2.  ? Hunter

  3.  ? Hunter



?? COELHO married ??, children:

  1. Hubert Coelho (b ?)

Next Generation


Hubert COELHO married  Laurel-Ann ALWEYN children:

  1. Trevor Coelho

  2. Samantha Coelho


?? COELHO married ??, children:

  1. Gerard Francis Coelho (b ?)

  2. Cynthia Coelho

Next Generation


Gerard Francis COELHO married Elizabeth ??


Cynthia COELHO married Michael Arthur LEMERLE  : 

  1. Karen LEMERLE 

  2. Colette LEMERLE


Info supplied by Alister FULLER

?? COELHO married ??, children:

  1. Clement Joseph Coelho (b 1926)

Next Generation


Clement Joseph COELHO (b1926) married Audrey Philomena LOPEZ (b1933), children : 

  1. Trevor COELHO

Next Generation

Trevor COELHO (b1959) married  Brinell FIGREDO (b1955), 4 children.

  1. Tracy Coelho (b 1986)

  2. Brendon Coelho (b1987)

  3. Anthony Coelho (b1989)

  4. Chrisanne Coelho (b1991)


info submitted by

?? COELHO  married Arlene FERNANDEZ (b1956 moved to London), children:

  1. Vanessa COELHO b Madras 1985


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