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info from Alastair Cole

IN SEARCH OF ANY PERSONAL INFORMATION REGARDING MY FATHER'S PARENTS/RELATIVES: Any help/advice would be appreciated. Cheers, Al (in Ottawa, Canada)

Great aunt- Dr. Miss Maude Conway (d. Bangalore? ~1949-50). (Missionary Doctor).  Last known address: 3 Grant Road, Bangalore (1949'ish). The few letters from her, that my father, Ian Harry Cole (b. Madras, Nov 1908) left me, indicate that Aunt Maude was "very" elderly in the late 1940's.

?? COLE married ??, children:

  1. Harry COLE (b. England, 1875?)

Next Generation

Harry COLE (b. England, 1875?) married Mary CONWAY (b. Bombay ?, India 1875?), both Missionary Doctors, died in Madras in late 1908, leaving Aunt Maude to raise Ian., children:

  1. Ian Harry Cole (b. Madras, Nov 1908)

Next Generation

Ian Harry COLE (b. Madras, Nov 1908) married ??, children:

  1. Alastair Cole


info submitted by Jeffrey Wheeler 

?? COLE married ??, children:

  1. Josephine COLE (b ?)

Next Generation

Josephine COLE, married Gilbert WHEELER, children : 

  1. Paul Wheeler


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