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?? CORNIELLE married ??, children:

  1. Joyce Cornielle

Next Generation

Joyce CORNIELLE married Albert  STANLEY (b 5 July 1909 Bangalore Karnataka, d 1992) children :

  1. Joseph Albert Stanley, (b 19th March 1935..Hubli Karnataka)

  2. Eugene Stanley, (b 31/3/1936, d.7/7/2000)

  3. Trevor Stanley,

  4. Desmond Stanley,

  5. Sydney Stanley,

  6. Delphine Stanley

  7. Patricia Stanley


(info from Mary Bernadette Heldt   )

?? CORNIELLE married ??, children:

  1. Edith May Cornielle

Next Generation

Edith May CORNIELLE (b1911 Madras) married Roland Egbert HELDT (b1905 India) , 7 children:

  1. Llewelyn Heldt

  2. Milton Henry HELDT (b1931 Madras)

  3. Aureen Heldt

  4. Lindzee Heldt

  5. Patricia Heldt

  6. Cloetilda Heldt

  7. Dulcie Lourdes Heldt


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