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?? CRAMER married ??. Children :

1. Frank William Cramer (circa 1850-1853)
2. Could be other children

Next Generation

Frank William CRAMER (circa 1850-1853) married Annette ??. Children :

1. Frank Aloysius Cramer (b.1873 Calcutta)
2. Could be other children

Next Generation
Frank Aloysius CRAMER (CREMER) (b.1873 Calcutta, died 1936 Calcutta) married Amelia (Cicilia) Gertrude PEREIRA ( circa 1878 Calcutta, died 1936 Calcutta). Children:

1. Collins Williams Cramer (b.1896, died 1896 Calcutta)
2. Cyril Joseph Cramer (b. 1897. Calcutta - died ????)
3. Hector Stanley Cramer (b. 1903 Calcutta, died 1970 Calcutta)

Next Generation
Cyril Joseph CRAMER (b.1897-19??) married Ivy Isabel WAKEFIELD. Children:

1. Vilma Cramer
2. Cynthia Beryl Cramer
3. Eric Stanislaus Cramer
4. Noreen Philomena Cramer
5. Trevor Patrick Cramer

Hector Stanley CRAMER (b.1903 Calcutta & died 1970 Calcutta) married Bernice Margaret Teresa GABRIEL (b.1910 Lahore & died 1965 Calcutta). Children:

1. Colleen Kathleen Agnus Cramer (1929-2006)
2. Doreen Gloria Joyce Cramer
3. Denzil Hector Carlyle Cramer (1933-2006)
4. Aileen Gertrude Estelle Cramer (1935-1936)
5. Shirley Yvonne Patricia Cramer (b.1936-19??)
6. Alma (Buddy) Beatrice Rosalind Cramer (b.1938-2001)
7. Malcolm Cramer
8. Noel Manfred Robert Cramer

Next Generation

Doreen Gloria Joyce CRAMER (DIV.) married Christopher Joachim KING (b 12TH FEBRUARY, 1927 JHANSI, INDIA), CHILDREN:

  1. CAROLINE MARIE ELISABETH KING (NARWANI) (B.17th Sept. 1951 Calcutta, India) (USA)

  2. TYRRELL (GINGER) JOHN VIANNEY KING (B. 18th September 1954, Calcutta, India. (dec) 16th January 2006.


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