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Hello , I am trying to trace my family of Cronings and wonder if you have any information that will link them to Ceylon ( Sri Lanka) in the 1800's. I was told they came from India but have no other information ...My great father was Frank Mansel Croning and he married my grandmother Jane Margaret Morando on 29/5/1900. He I believe was about 42 then, so I guess was born around 1860- 1870?My details are not too clear ...Hope you can help me I would appreciate that .Thanks .Jeanne Furlong (nee Croning )


info from Keith Edwards

Samuel Innocent CRONING  (b ?  died 05 Feb 1927) married Elizabeth D'CRUZ (b ?, died 1956), Children:

  1. DR. DR. JAMES ROBERT3 CRONING, b. 07 Jan 1902, Trivandrum, India; d. 09 Apr 1964, Nelson Hospital, Merton, London, UK.

  2. CHRISTOPHER CRONING, d. 07 Aug 1946, Lahore, India [now Pakistan].

  3. THOMAS CRONING, d. 1952.

  4. CYRIL CRONING, d. Abt. 1933.

  5. DR. HENRY LIONEL CRONING, b. Abt. 1900; d. 1978.

  6. ALICE CRONING, d. 1974; m. RICHARD D'CRUZ; d. 1964, Calcutta, India.

  7. JOSEPH ANTHONY CRONING, b. 1900; d. 1979.

Next Generation

Dr James Robert CRONING , aged 23 years , assistant surgeon residing in Allahabad (born 07 Jan 1902 in Trivandrum, India, and died 09 Apr 1964 in Nelson Hospital, Merton, London, UK.) on 22 Oct 1924 in St Patrick's Church [Catholic], Cawnpore, India, married Eileen Emily CONNOLLY  aged 18 years, from Madras (born 06 Sep 1906 in Perambur, Madras, India, and died 10 Feb 1991 in St. Andrews Edenhall, Edenbridge, Sussex, UK, daughter of CHARLES CONNOLLY and AMELIA BLAZEY.). The marriage certificate shows that Hugh P Connolly and C. Connoly were witnesses. Children:

  1. LORNA AMELIA AGNES4 CRONING, b. 13 Aug 1925, Madras, India; d. 19 Nov 2002.

  2. DERRICK JOSEPH CRONING, b. 02 Feb 1927; d. 1996, Bombay, India.

CHRISTOPHER3 CRONING (died 07 Aug 1946 in Lahore, India [now Pakistan) married EVA RICHARDS (born in England, and died 1944 in Delhi, India.), Children:

  1. DAVID I R CRONING, b. Abt. 1942.

THOMAS CRONING (died 1952. ) married DORIS LEFERBE.  (She died Bef. 1947), Children:




JOSEPH ANTHONY CRONING (born 1900, and died 1979) married IDA STEPHENS. Daughter of JOSEPH CRONING and IDA STEPHENS is:

  1. ?? CRONING, b. 1945.

Next Generation

LORNA AMELIA AGNES CRONING (born 13 Aug 1925 in Madras, India, and died 19 Nov 2002) married ARTHUR EDWARD TYRER on 01 May 1946 in Sukkar, Sind, India, son of GILBERT TYRER and EDITH STALLARD.  He was born 20 Sep 1920 in Liverpool, UK, and died 11 Oct 1997 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Children :

  1. LORNA CAROL5 TYRER, b. 12 Jun 1947, 18 Danethorpe Road, Wembley, London, UK; m. KEITH PATRICK EDWARDS, 06 Jun 1973, St Mary's Church, Caterham, Surrey, UK; b. 21 Aug 1947, Caterham, Surrey, UK.

  2. ROBERT EDWARD WARREN VINCENT DEPAUL TYRER, b. 15 Jul 1951; d. 13 Jul 1975, 117 Uppers Selsdon Road, Sanderstead, Surrey, UK.


DERRICK JOSEPH CRONING (born 02 Feb 1927, and died 1996 in Bombay, India.)  married PAULETTE MOUSSA.    Child:


DERRICK JOSEPH CRONING (born 02 Feb 1927, and died 1996 in Bombay, India.)   married (2nd marriage) PHYLISS GEDDES. Children of DERRICK CRONING and PHYLISS GEDDES are:



DAVID I R CRONING (born Abt. 1942.) married ??,  Child of DAVID I. R. CRONING is:

  1. MICHAEL CRONING, b. 1969.

Next Generation


  1. EMILE6 CRONING, b. 1994.


Info supplied by Kay O'Neil

Thomas CRONING married Marian BLAIR Trivandrum c1860, Son: 

  1. Samuel  Innocent CRONING b Trivandrum c 1860

Next Generation

Samuel CRONING married Elizabeth D'CRUZ , children : 

  1. Christopher (died 1946 in Lahore),

  2. Thomas,  

  3. Cyril, 

  4. Alice, 

  5. Henry Lionel, 

  6. Joseph Anthony, 

  7. James Robert (born Trivandrum)

Next Generation

Alice CRONING married ? De'CRUZ

James Robert CRONING married Eileen Emily CONNOLLY, Cawnpore, d 1964 London, Son 

  1. John Baptist CRONING b Trivandrum c 1861 Emigrated to Australia 1886.

Next Generation

John Baptist CRONING married Mary CARLEY (Ireland) 1890, Children 

  1. Mary Jane, 

  2. Josephine, 

  3. Caroline Frances, 

  4. Kathleen, 

  5. Bridget Rose, 

  6. John Thomas, 

  7. William Charles  all born Queensland Australia.

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