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John CUMMINGS married Ellen ??, children:

  1. Eric John Cummings (b 21 Jan 1896, c 25 Feb 1896 Barrackpore)

  2. John Robert CUMMINGS (b 1905)

Next Generation

John Robert CUMMINGS (b 1905) at 23yrs on 26 Dec 1928 in Allahabad married 18yr Hermione Esther ANTHONY (b 9 Jan 1910 daughter of Edwin Mathew Anthony) , children:

  1. Joyce Ruby Cummings (b 10 Jul 1929 Allahabad)

  2. Norma Elizabeth May Cummings (b 22 Dec 1930 Allahabad)

  3. John Robert Cummings (b 11 May 1932 Mhow)

  4. Daniel Ralph Cummings (b 27 Aug 1933 Kirkee, Bombay)

Next Generation

Norma Elizabeth May CUMMINGS (b 22 Dec 1930 Allahabad) at 16yrs on 5 Jun 1946 in Secunderabad married 34yr Reuben Horace TREVOR (b 1912 son of Horace Trevor)



info submitted by  Beverly Jean Soans (nee Cummings)

?? CUMMINGS married ??, children:

  1. Albert Edward CUMMINGS

Next Generation

Albert Edward CUMMINGS married Jean Beryl ?, children :

  1. Beverly Jean Cummings (Born in Abu Road, Rajasthan.  Studied at St. Peter's School, Mazagaon, Bombay)

  2. Melissa Anne Cummings (born 27/10/1957, Abu Road, Rajasthan)

  3. Corinne Leslie Cummings

  4. Marcia Geraldine Cummings

  5. Gelson Egberth Cummings

  6. Aubrey Albert Cummings

  7. Edward  Austin Cummings

Next Generation

Beverly Jean CUMMINGS married ?? SOANS, children:


Melissa Anne CUMMINGS (born 27/10/1957, Abu Road, Rajasthan) married Shelton DAVIDSON (born 09/03/1957, Bombay) on 27/04/1980 at New Life Fellowship, Bombay. 3 Children -

  1. Luke,

  2. Mark

  3. Rachel

               (info from Melissa )

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