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Henry DYTON married ?, children:

  1. Albert Henry Dyton (b 1869, St Albans, London, England)

Next Generation

Albert Henry DYTON (b 1869, St Albans, London, England) at 27yrs on 25 Dec 1896 in Bareilly married 21yr Ellen CLARKE (b 1875, daughter of John Clarke), children:

  1. Annie Ellen Dyton (b 25 Sep 1897 Bengal)

Albert Henry DYTON (b 1869, St Albans, London, England) married Kathleen Elizabeth MORRIS, Children:

  1. Dorothy Dyton (b 1900)

  2. Albert Edward Dyton (b 17 Aug 1902 Lucknow, India)

  3. Sheila Dyton (b 3 Feb 1907 Madras)

  4. William Henry Dyton b 1909 Bengal, India

  5. Leonard Frank Dyton b1916, Kidderpore, India

  6. Maureen Elizabeth Dyton b 1923, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India

Next Generation
Dorothy DYTON (b 1900) at 24yrs on 10 Sep 1924 at Bareilly, married 24yr James William Wright (b 1900, d 15 Aug 1943 Khadki, Maharashtra, son of James William Wright)


Maureen Elizabeth DYTON b.1923, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India married in 1944 at St Patricks Church AGRA,  John Grant PAYNE (b.1920 Elgin, Scotland), children:

1. John Richard Payne b.1944 Agra, India
2. Maureen Payne b.1946 Agra, India
3. Patricia Joan Payne b.1949 Liverpool, England


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