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?? EGAN married ??, children:

  1. James EGAN

Next Generation

James EGAN on 29 Oct 1821 in Fort William married Mary CARNEY, children:

  1. Bridget Egan (b 30 Sep 1824 Berhampore)

  2. Florence Egan (b 5 Feb 1869 Dum Dum)

  3. Catherine Egan (b 17 Oct 1870 Dum Dum )

  4. James Egan (b 6 Oct 1872 Dinapore)

  5. ? William Henry Egan (b 12 Jan 1910 Jullundur)

Next Generation

William Henry EGAN (b 1890) at 24yrs on 24 Jan 1917 in Vepery married 18yr Lilian Edith BIRD (b 1899, d 20 Feb 1929 Madras age 32, daughter of Edward Charles Bird).


William Henry EGAN (b 1890) widowed at 40yrs, on 15 Jun 1930 in Perambur married 18yr Irene Olive WINGELL (b 1912)



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?? EGAN married ??, children:

  1. Violet Edith EGAN

Next Generation

Violet Edith EGAN married Benedict Anthony MASCURINE (Lulu) (died 1977), migrated to Melbourne, Australia in 1974.  8 children (all in Melbourne, Australia):

  1. Loretta MASCURINE

  2. Joyce MASCURINE 


  4. Raymond MASCURINE

  5. Celia MASCURINE

  6. Leslie MASCURINE

  7. Ransley MASCURINE

  8. Anne Mascurine

Next Generation

Nicky EGAN married  Raymond MASCURINE, 1 daughter -

  1. Caitlyn Egan (born in Melbourne, Australia)

  2. currently expecting another baby


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