FLOYD Family Tree

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(Info supplied by Gilbert Raymond gilr@paradise.net.nz 2/12/2001)

William FLOYD, baptised 29 January 1786, Tonbridge, Kent (Son of Philip and Susannah FLOOD [sic]), married 24 December 1821, at Masulipatam to Margaret Frances THOWTY, Children:

William FLOYD, bapt. 11 April 1813, Jaulnah, died 24 November 1819, Madras.

Susan FLOYD, (illegitimate) born 15 August 1818, Madras, ( married William HODGES at St. Thomas Mount on19 October 1836).

Jane FLOYD, born 24 December 1821, (1st. marriage) married 9 August 1837, St. Thomas Mount, to Thomas TEMPLETON, (born about 1806, Dublin, died about 1842, children:Jane, born about 1841, married John PERKINS, Vepery 1856

Jane FLOYD, born 24 December 1821, (2nd. marriage) to John JARRETT at Arcot, 24 July 1844.

Charlotte FLOYD, born 9 December 1824, Vizagapatam

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