FOSTER Family Tree

with links to British India

info from Loretta Bernadette DeMonte [nee Foster]

? FOSTER married  ??, children:

  1. William Foster

Next Generation

William FOSTER married Violet ?? (her second marriage, first was to ?? HARTLEY where she had 2 sons Ian & Denzil Hartley who subsequently changed their names to Ian & Denzil Foster after her 2nd marriage), children:

  1. Ian {Hartley] Foster [deceased] married Sheila Nocks {no children]
  2. Denzil Eric [Hartley]Foster] brother of Ian
  3. Hazel Foster (migrated to London from Bombay in the fifties.)
  4. Janet {Jenny] Foster ( migrated to London from Bombay in the fifties.)

Next Generation

Denzil Eric FOSTER (born on 20th Oct. 1924) married Rita Isabelle CALLANAN, children:

  1. Loretta Bernadette Foster

Next Generation

Loretta Bernadette FOSTER married Carlton DeMONTE, Children:

  1. Ryan Jude DeMonte
  2. Candida DeMonte married Kevin Gomez, Children. Geshon, Ronan


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?? FOSTER married ??, children:

  1. Clara Foster

Next Generation

Clara FOSTER married Charles LANDAU (born Broadway 1885) on 25 May 1913 in Karachi.,Children:

1. Leah Landau (b 14 Feb 1914 in Hyderabad, Sind)
2. Yettie Landau (b 21 May 1915 at the "Command of the Depot 2 Batallion Loyal N Lance Regiment at Bangalore")

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