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A detailed GALIFFE Family Tree is located at and maintained by Marcus Rodney GALIFFE 

John Frederick Wynne GALIFFE (born 6/9/1903, died 20/8/1992) married in 1942, Barbara FONCECA-LLOYD (died 29O'BRIEN Family Tree/1/2000)  : Children: 

  1. Rhona Miranda GALIFFE, (born 17th August 1943, at Madras and baptized into the Roman Catholic church. Following her parents separation, she was cared for and brought up by her grand uncle and two grand aunts. On leaving school she left India along with her mother, half-brother and sister and emigrated to England. Following service with British embassies abroad, she married Timothy Osborne and resided a short while in Scotland. She had a daughter - Elizabeth. Her whereabouts since 1983 are not known.)

  2. Aymon Vernon GALIFFE (born 10th September 1946, at Madras and baptized into the Roman Catholic church. Like his elder sister, he was brought up by his grand uncle and aunts. Following his school years which included Montfort Boys boarding school in Yercaud), he attended flight training at the Madras Flying Club and completed his commercial pilot's licence in 1965. He was married to Marian Constance O'Brien on the 26th September 1970. He left India and emigrated to England in 1974. He had two children:

Next Generation

Aymon Vernon GALIFFE married Marion Constance O'BRIEN

  1. Antoinette Mary GALIFFE, born on the 29th August 1971 at Madras.

  2. Joseph Martin GALIFFE, born on the 7th March 1973 at Madras. He was tragically killed at the age of 18 years in a road traffic accident in London on 22nd July 1991.

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