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? GARDINER married ?, children:

  1. Louisa Gardiner

Next Generation

Louisa GARDINER married ??, children:

  1. Harold

  2. Fred

  3. Gladys

  4. Norman
    (Possible surname of Dahl, although they may have taken on the Kenny surname)

Louisa GARDINER (her 2nd marriage) married Robert John KENNY (b 1875? Bellary India, Batman and Groomer in the military camp schools ), moved to Australia late 1880s?, Children:

  1. Stella Kenny

  2. Kathleen (Kitty) Kenny


info courtesy of Mike Larkum , homepage

? GARDINER married ?, children:

  1. Charles Henery Kennet Gardiner

Next Generation

Charles Henery Kennet GARDINER married ??, children:

  1. Archibald Brookman Kennet GARDINER (b 1879/80

Next Generation

Archibald Brookman Kennet GARDINER (b 1879/80) on 7 Oct 1912 at St.John's Church, Trichinopoly, India married Stella Maud Grant SYME (b 7 Jun 1876, Berhampore, India)


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