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John GLEWIS married ?, children:

  1. George Miller Glewis

Next Generation

George Miller GLEWIS on 24 Jan 1883 in Fort William married Mary Anne UNDERWOOD (b 1860, d 28 Nov 1898 Lahore, daughter of John Thomas Underwood), children:

  1. John Dempsey Glewis (b 22 May 1884, c 17 Oct 1884 Saidpur)

  2. Mary Ann Glewis (b 15 Aug 1887 Lahore)

  3. Elizabeth Glewis (b 24 Sep 1889 Lahore)

  4. Ida Selena Glewis (b 14 Nov 1890, c 13 Dec 1890 Lahore)

George Miller GLEWIS married Sarah Margaret ?, (d 13 Aug 1889 Lahore), children:

  1. George Miller Glewis (b 21 May 1874 Byculla)

  2. Robert Arthur Glewis (b 25 Nov 1875, c 28 Jan 1876 Kamatipura)

  3. Helena Mabel Glewis (b 8 Dec 1876 Byculla)

  4. William Adolphus Glewis (b 9 Nov 1878 Byculla)

Next Generation

George Miller GLEWIS (b 21 May 1874 Byculla) married Mary Gertrude ?, children:

  1. Mary Esther Glewis (b 12 Jan 1909 Kharagpur)

  2. Olive Mildred Glewis (b 6 Jun 1910 Kharagpur)

  3. Gerald Glewis (b 25 Nov 1911 Kharagpur)

George Miller GLEWIS (b 21 May 1874 Byculla) married Phyllis Dorothy ?, (b 1912, d 19 Sep 1940 Kharagpur) children:


Helena Mabel GLEWIS (b 8 Dec 1876 Byculla) on 22 Oct 1891 in Bombay married 23yr John George COCKBROON (b 1868 son of John William Cockbroon)


William Adolphus GLEWIS (b 9 Nov 1878 Byculla) at 24yrs on 19 Dec 1901 in Yamethin married 24yr Gertrude Constance DAMERUM (b 1877 daughter of John Damerum). children:

  1. George Miller Glewis (b 21 Aug 1911 Rangoon)

John Dempsey GLEWIS (b 1883) at 29yrs on 27 May 1912 in Chakradharpur married 20yr Pansy Edith DENNISON (b 1892 daughter of Edmond Philip Dennison)


Next Generation

May Esther GLEWIS on 14 Sep 1932 in Kidderpore married Edward Bernard ISHAM (son of Robert Augustus Isham)




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