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?? GONSALVES married ??, children:

  1. Joseph Gonsalves

Next Generation

Joseph GONSALVES married ??, children:

  1. Josephine Gonsalves (b 1890)

Next Generation

Josephine GONSALVES, (b 1890) married Stanley SALGADO, children:

  1. Rosamund Salgado (b 10 Aug 1909, d 23 Oct 1909 Chittagong)

  2. Anthony Salgado (b 1920, d 13 Jan 1930 Chittagong, age 10)

Josephine SALGADO nee GONSALVES (b 1890) on 19 Sep 1934 in Calcutta married John Johnson D'COSTA (b 1895 son of Michael D'Costa)



info from mark robson <markrobs@gmail.com>

?? GONSALVES married ??, children:

  1. Joyce Gonsalves (b.1919 d.1974)

Next Generation

Joyce GONSALVES (b.1919 d.1974) in Calcutta, married Sidney ROBSON (died 1961 in the UK). Children:

  1. Mark Joseph Robson (b 1942) now a Jesuit priest in Calcutta.


info from  maggiedaraujo@yahoo.co.uk

?? GONSALVES married ?? d'ARAUJO (came from Salamanca, Spain who along with his brother( names unknown) came to Assam as tea traders with the East India Company.  d'Araujo apparently remained in Assam, while the brother ended up on a tea plantation in Burma). Both Spanish - children:

  1. Christopher d'Araujo born 1885 possibly in Ramoo/Chittagong Burma deceased 14.1.63 Croydon UK.


info from  alister_d_janes@hotmail.com

?? GONSALVES married ??, children:

  1. Griffy Gonsalves

Next Generation

Griffy GONSALVES married  Alice PENNINGTON


info from Irene Suares

John GONSALVES married Rachel JAMES, children :

  1. Helen Gonsalves

  2. Alfred Gonsalves ,

  3. John Gonsalves

  4. Pearl Gonsalves

  5. Cyril Gonsalves

  6. Joseph Gonsalves

Next Generation

Helen GONSALVES married Noel John SUARES, children :

  1. Irene SUARES

Daphne Ursula GONSALVES married Henry Charles SUARES, their children

  1. Gerard Richard Suares 

  2. Pearl Loretta Suares 

  3. Teresa Elaine Suares 

  4. Magerate Diane Suares 

  5. Anthony Mark Suares 

  6. Brian Thomas Suares  (not married)

  7. Reene Marie Suares 

  8. Denise Ursula Suares 

  9. Charlie Suares married in December of 2002 to Dilshany Mathews

Next Generation

   (info submitted by Richard HARDSTAFF hardstaff@hol.gr )


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