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Hello! Gottings ...... just a quick note to let you know that you are not the only ones out there . there are more Gottings in the good land of Australia


Looking for any of my good pals,email me at love to talk ,my dad was Mickey Gotting and Winford Gotting,  we lived in and around the railways by Dhanbad, Asansol. I had a sister Maggie Gotting. Ned Gotting , was one of my dads bothers there were three brothers, all worked on the railways. I was born in 1935 .


I wanted to know who came after them my grandad was erica gotting and he married diamond patricia gotting. then had 10 children adrian gotting,gary gotting,gavin gotting, bradley gotting, randy gotting, beveley gotting, michelle gotting, darrel gotting and my mother melanie gotting. they have all had kids but i couldnt name them. erica


?? GOTTING married ??, children:

  1. Erica Gotting

Next Generation

Erica GOTTING married Diamond Patricia ??, children:

  1. adrian gotting,

  2. gary gotting,

  3. gavin gotting,

  4. bradley gotting,

  5. randy gotting,

  6. beveley gotting,

  7. michelle gotting,

  8. darrel gotting

  9. melanie gotting


I believe I am a first cousin to Audrey Gotting. My father Harold and her father Alec were brothers who both worked on the Great Indian Peninsular railway. I cannot remember all the children of Alec and Muriel? but here are some of the names: Eustace, Malcolm, Douglas, Charlotte and their eldest brother whose name I cannot remember. I would like to know more about the family in Bhusawal and in Yorkshire. If you enter Google search "Harold Gotting" you will get his family tree. Brian Gotting

info submitted by Audrey Richardson, Wallington, London.


?? GOTTING married ??, children:

  1. Alec Gotting, worked on the Great Indian Peninsular railway

  2. Harold Gotting (b 5/2/1890, Madras), worked on the Great Indian Peninsular railway

Next Generation

Alec GOTTING married Muriel ??, children:

  1. Eric Gotting

  2. Audrey Gotting (born 1927, Bhusawal)

  3. Eustace Gotting

  4. Malcolm Gotting

  5. Douglas Gotting

  6. Edwina Gotting

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Harold GOTTING married Gertrude O'LEARY (b 10/5/1892 Madras), children:

  1. Denzil Gotting

  2. Norma Gotting

  3. Alwin Gotting

  4. Alethea Gotting

  5. Cynthia Gotting

  6. Trevor Gotting

  7. Peter Gotting

  8. Brian Gotting

  9. Neville Gotting (born @ 16:10 hours on March 10, 1930 in Manmad, India)

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Next Generation

Audrey GOTTING (born 1927, Bhusawal) married 1948 to Aubyn RICHARDSON
(Richie. born 1916, dod 2001, worked on the Railway as a Steam Locomotive driver), 3 children, 8 grandchildren, : 

  1. Andrew RICHARDSON (born 1949),

  2. Catherine RICHARDSON (born 1953), 

  3. Alan RICHARDSON (born1956)

(The Richardson clan now reside in the UK and have done so for the past 48 years. As far as we are aware,  much of the Gotting family still live in Bhusawal and there is also a large contingent living in Harrogate, Yorkshire, UK. Alan Richardson.)


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