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? HALL married ?, children:

  1. Hamilton Hall

Next Generation

Hamilton HALL on 11 Jan 1805 in Calcutta married David BARRAUD



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Daniel HALL married Diana ?, children:

  1. John Robert Charles Hall (b 31 Oct 1834, c 9 Aug 1840 Cawnpore, d 2 Aug 1912 Lucknow)

Next Generation

John Robert Charles HALL Civil Surgeon (b 31 Oct 1834, c 9 Aug 1840 Cawnpore, d 2 Aug 1912 Lucknow) on 20 Mar 1857 in Calcutta married Lydia Jane PEREIRA, children:

  1. Charles Alexander Richmond Hall (b 1858, d 22 Nov 1931 Kharagpur)

  2. Stephen Brooks Boniface Hall (b 14 Nov 1861, c 23 Mar 1862 Jubbulpore)

  3. Alice Gertrude HALL (born 3/6/1865, Calcutta, India)

  4. Amy Georgina Hall (b 11 Aug 1867 Jullundur, d 21 Mar 1887 Lucknow))

John Robert Charles HALL Civil Surgeon (b 31 Oct 1834, c 9 Aug 1840 Cawnpore, d 2 Aug 1912 Lucknow) widowed at 74yrs on 15 Oct 1907 in Lucknow married 20yr Clare MARX (b 1887 daughter of P Marx)


Next Generation

Charles Alexander Richmond HALL (b 1858, d 22 Nov 1931 Kharagpur) at 28yrs on 5 May 1886 in Jhansi married 16yr Ethel Maude ELLIOT. (b 1870 daughter of James Alexander Elliot), children:

  1. Ivan Osmond Godfrey Hall (b 26 Aug 1903 Benares)

Alice Gertrude HALL (born 3/6/1865, Calcutta, India) married Charles William KING (born 1865, India) on 29/8/1892 at the Methodist Church, Moradabad. Children:

  1. Diana Grace KING (born 3/12/1898, Lucknow, India) at 18yrs on 5 Apr 1916 in Muzafforpur married 25yr Alfred Ernest WADLEY (b 1891 son of Ernest George Wadley)

  2. Oswald Arthur King (b 25 Dec 1900 Lucknow) at 22yrs on 7 Nov 1923 in Kurseong married 18yr Basamat Mukhiya (b 1905 daughter of Jamyton Joseph Mukhiya)

  3. Edwin Charles William KING (born 17/11/1902, Lucknow, India)


We are trying to find a link to our family we having been tracking in British India; particularly looking for father/mother of JAMES EDWARD HALL born abt 1845 most likely in Madras he had sons JAMES GERALD HALL b 1889 and ARCHIBALD FITZMAURICE HALL born abt 1892, there would be most likely more siblings. We know James Gerald Hall married ADELAIDE MARGARET HOGG 1913 in Trichinopoly. Any help would be so very much appreciated by his family Thank you Linda, Jane & Darrell Hall,  Mark Dimberline dimby@adam.com.au

info from veronica lingley <veronica.lingley@hotmail.co.uk> Trying to find contacts for my family.


?? HALL married ??, children:

  1. James Edward Hall

Next Generation

James Edward HALL married ??, children:

  1. James Gerald Hall (b abt 1889, d 1 Nov 1918 Trichinopoly)

  2. Archibald Fitzmaurice Hall (b abt 1892)

Next Generation

James Gerald HALL (b abt 1889, d 1 Nov 1918 Trichinopoly) at 25yrs on 9 Jun 1915 in Madras married 24yr Adelaide Margaret HOGG, (b 1891 daughter of J M Hogg) children:

  1. Burton Thomas Hall (b Rawlpindi 27 Feb 1915)

  2. James Gerald Hall (b 27 Mar 1917 Trichinopoly)

  3. Leslie Patrick Ronald Hall (champion boxer, b 9 Apr 1919, c 11 May 1919 Trichinopoly)

  4. Harold Vincent Hall (b 21 Mar 1921, c 9 Apr 1921 Trichinopoly, joined the British Army)

  5. Helen Marie Hall

  6. Maisie Theresa Hall (b 8 Feb 1923, c 4 Mar 1923 Dinapore)

  7. Edwin James Hall (b 3 Jan 1924, c 20 Jan 1924 Dinapore),

  8. Meryvn Joseph Hall

  9. Eileen Mary Hall (b 29 Oct 1925, c 20 Dec 1925 Dinapore).

Next Generation

Burton Thomas HALL (b Rawlpindi 27 Feb 1915) married Ruby Emma Dring HALLAM, moved to Lahore and was in the police force. All the family moved to England in 1947.


Leslie Patrick Ronald HALL (champion boxer, b 9 Apr 1919, c 11 May 1919 Trichinopoly) at 20yrs on 25 Sep 1938 in Lahore married 15yr Peggy Mavis KING (b 1923 daughter of Denzil Henry King)


Helen Marie HALL on 19 Sep 1943 in Amritsar married Eugene Carlton HUSON (son of James Goudy Huson)


Meryvn Joseph HALL travelled to the UK in 1947 and in 1950 in Essex married Lorna BUCK. Moved to Australia in the 60's.



?? HALL married ?? children:

  1. John Robert Charles Hall

Next Generation



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?? HALL married ??, children:

  1. Mervyn Hall

Next Generation

Mervyn HALL (b abt 1914) married Lorna Evelyn BENSON, arrived Fremantle 15 Aug 1957 aboard vessel "Manoora" from Bombay. Lived at 51 John St, West Perth. children:

  1. David Christopher Hall (b 6 Feb 1943)

  2. Clive Gordon Hall

  3. Christopher Robin Hall


Thomas HALL married ?, children:

  1. Herbert HALL (b 1867)

Next Generation

Herbert HALL (b 1867) at 27yrs on 5 Nov 1894 in Salem, Madras, married 21yr Mercy Blanche HISCOX, (b 1873 daughter of William Henry Hiscox) children:

  1. David Henry Hall (b 27 Aug 1895 Madras)

  2. Mary Ellen Hall (b 17 Jan 1898 Trimulgherry, d 30 Jul 1899 Trimulgherry)

  3. Mary Ann Hall (b 5 Dec 1899 Trimulgherry, d 23 Jan 1900 Trichinopoly)

  4. William Herbert Hall (b 28 Nov 1900 Trimulgherry, d 5 Apr 1901 Quetta)

  5. Constance Blanche Hall (b 16 Apr 1902 Quetta)

Next Generation

David Henry HALL, Railwayman, (b 27 Aug 1895 Madras) at 21yrs on 17 Jan 1917 in Khagole married 19yr Muriel Edna COMYN, (b 1898 daughter of John Dunstan Comyn), children:

  1. Herbert Comyn Hall (b 12 Oct 1917 Dinapore)

  2. Lorna Louisa Hall (b 24 Oct 1919 Benares)

  3. Basil Dunstan Hall (b 20 Jan 1921 Jamalpur)

Next Generation

Basil Dunstan HALL (b 20 Jan 1921 Jamalpur) married Vera Deveraux ?, children:

  1. Sheila E Hall (b 11 Oct 1931 Secunderabad)

  2. Astrid Marina Hall (b 10 Jul 1939)

  3. Roy Hall (b abt 1944)

  4. David Dunstan Hall (b 20 Feb 1946, c 10 Jul 1946 Secunderabad)

  5. Ian Hall (b 1947)

Above family members arrived at Tilbury Port on 23 April 1948 aboard ship "Strathmore" from Bombay. Proposed address in England: 462 Stanley Road, Bootte, Liverpool.




I am looking for anyone who has any information on Patti Hall who used to sing in Calcutta in the 50's and 60's.  Patti married Aubrey Olliver who was a tenor sax player in a band.  Any information on either would be greatly appreciated. Kat Balaporia  toptotty37@yahoo.co.uk


Hi my name is Sandy Warman-Johnston.  I am searching for two Aunts who it is believed came to Australia in 1947 after independence.  I am told that they came with their father David Hall.  The confusing part is that sometimes they used the name Warman-Johnston, and at other times just JOHNSTON.  As far as I know David Hall left his wife Margaret nee Reynolds after over 25 years of marriage and twelve children, and took the two youngest, these two girls with him, and went to live in Bombay from Calcutta.  I think the two girls names were Irene who was born about 1922 and Rhoda born about 1923.  There is another Aunt Jean, who no one knows what happened to.  She married Walter Marshall and had two children named either Sylvia or Cynthia and Peter.  They did come to England after independence but disappeared and the family think they may have gone to Australia on the assisted passage scheme.  So if anyone can help with information or guidance please contact me by e-mail sandyofwitley@aol.com


Refer to the following site for details of Rodney Michael Harry Hall's Family Tree




info from Ernest Hall pam_hall_274@hotmail.com 

Would like to know any one with any information about Raymond Cecil HALL (born 18/11/1919) if he had any brothers or sisters or who his father was. His mothers name was Annie HALL.


?? HALL married Annie ??, children:

  1. Raymond Cecil HALL (born 18/11/1919)


?? HALL married  ??, children:

  1. Walter Hall

Next Generation

Walter HALL married Gladys Millicent HEATHCOTE  (b. 1890 , her 1st marriage,)  five children from this marriage. 


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