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I am trying to find any relations of my father Royce Douglas hawks worth Chava ,I don't know if this is the correct surname. Roy married Jean Deakin and had 1 child Margaret Jean . His father was Richard t Chava and mother Ann Mary Hawksworth. . I believe he was the younger son. He moved to Australia and lived in Tocumwal N S W. The only information I have is that my father was born  on 22/2/1909 in Kandy Ceylon to Richard T Chava? and  Ann Mary Hawksworth. He was the younger son, so I believe he had other brothers. He left Ceylon at about the age of 19 to go to Uk .We have found a record of him being in the RAF in 1925, maybe. He told me that he went to a private school in Kandy. Margaret Rushworth rushie01@optusnet.com.au


Ann Mary HAWKSWORTH married Richard T CHAVA   children:

  1. Royce Douglas Hawksworth Chava (b 22 Feb 1909 Kandy, Ceylon, d 1993 Cheltenham, Victoria, Australia).

( Royce was on the Australian electoral roll in 1943 for the Riverina District in NSW)



John HAWKSWORTH in March 1794 married Mary BAVEY, children:

  1. ? Samuel Hawksworth (b 4 Jun 1803 Calcutta)

  2. ? John Hawksworth (b&d 23 May 1831 Meerut)

  3. Ann Hawksworth (b 8 Nov 1833 Cawnpore)

On 29 Jul 1835 in Meerut, Mary BAVEY married 38yr John SWALE (b 1797)



? HAWKSWORTH married ??, children:

  1. Christopher Hawksworth


John HAWKSWORTH married ?, children:

  1. John Hawksworth (b 1811)

Next Generation

John HAWKSWORTH (b 1811) at 47yrs on 11 Oct 1858 married 40yr Catheron GARLICK nee McTEE (b 1818, daughter of William McTee)



? HAWKSWORTH married ??, children:

  1. John Hawksworth (? b 1816, d 23 Jan 1863 Travancore)

Next Generation

John HAWKSWORTH (? b 1816, d 23 Jan 1863 Travancore) married Anne ? (b 1814, d 3 Dec 1882 Coonoor), children:

  1. Frances Anne Hawksworth (b 21 Aug 1844 Alleppy)

  2. Eliza Isabella Hawksworth (b 16 Apr 1847 Madras)

Next Generation

Frances Anne HAWKSWORTH (b 21 Aug 1844 Alleppy) at 19yrs on 15 Sep 1863 in Ooty married 34yr widowed Richard COLLINS (b 1829, son of Richard Collins)


Eliza Isabella HAWKSWORTH (b 16 Apr 1847 Madras) at 22yrs on 9 Sep 1869 in Coonoor married 24yr Frederick George Richardson (b 1845 son of Richard William Richardson)



George HAWKSWORTH married ??, children:

  1. George Hawksworth

Next Generation

George HAWKSWORTH on 30 Dec 1866 in Rawalpindi married Margaret Maude RUSSELL (daughter of Thomas Russell)



Gilbert HAWKSWORTH married ??, children:

  1. Charles Hawksworth (b 1900)

  2. Kathleen Hawksworth (b 1902)

  3. William Hawksworth (b 1904)

Next Generation

Charles HAWKSWORTH (b 1900) on 25 Jan 1930 in Calcutta married Muriel Eileen PYNE (daughter of Harold Pyne)


Kathleen HAWKSWORTH  (b 1902) on 9 Nov 1927 in Allahabad married William George LUCAS


William HAWKSWORTH (b 1904) on 23 April 1930 in Cawnpore married Maisie DUNN (daughter of John Michael Dunn)



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