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James Patrick HAYES (b 20 Dec 1800, d 24 May 1872 Madras) on 10 Feb 1823 in Madras married Elizabeth FORMIER, children:

  1. James William Hayes (b 1824, d 8 Apr 1892 Bangalore)

  2. Richard Henry Hayes (b 15 Jun 1828 Mysore)

  3. Elizabeth Eleanor Hayes (b 1829, d 24 May 1880 Chudderghaut)

  4. Esther Caroline Hayes (b 15 Dec 1832 Bangalore)

  5. Rachel Jane Hayes (b1838)

  6. Selina Anne Hayes (b 9 Aug 1839 Bangalore)

  7. Susan Maria Hayes (b 28 Jun 1842 Bangalore)

  8. Arthur Michael Hayes (b 1849)

Next Generation

James William HAYES (b 1824, d 8 Apr 1892 Bangalore) on 15 Nov 1841 in Bangalore married Maria Eleanor FITZSIMONS (b 7 Jun 1826, c 15 Nov 1826 Bangalore), children:

  1. Elizabeth Eleanor Trueheart Hayes (b 4 Sep 1842 Bangalore)

  2. Maria Letitia Hayes (b 4 Nov 1843 Bangalore)

  3. John Fell McCally Hayes (b 4 May 1846 Madras)

  4. Alfred Robert Hayes (b 25 Feb 1848 Madras)

  5. Mark Cubbon Hayes (b 28 Jun 1849 Bangalore)

  6. Jane Ann Hayes (b 30 Dec 1850 Madras)

  7. Francis Richmond Hayes (b 10 Jun 1852 Bangalore)

  8. Benjamin Patrick Hayes (b 29 Jul 1853 Bangalore)

James William HAYES (b 1824, d 8 Apr 1892 Bangalore) widowed, at 46yrs on 12 Feb 1870 in Bangalore married 26yr divorced Grace SILVER (b 1844 daughter of John Silver)


Richard Henry HAYES (b 15 Jun 1828 Mysore) on 10 Feb 1852 in Trichinopoly married Isabella Henrietta MAITLAND (b 1835, d 23 Aug 1855 Madras age 20, daughter of Charles Maitland)


Elizabeth Eleanor HAYES (b 1829, d 24 May 1880 Chudderghaut) on 15 Sep 1852 in Bangalore married widowed William Ebenezer GAY (formerly married to Jane Ann ? (b 1829, d 22 Apr 1849 Bangalore), and son of William Gay), children:

  1. Charles William Ebeneazer Gay (b 9 Jul 1853 Bangalore)

  2. Emily Jane Gay (b 30 Sep 1855 Bangalore)

  3. Eleanor Adelaide Gay (b 29 Apr 1857 Bangalore)

  4. James Winifred Gay (b 19 Sep 1861 Calicut)

  5. Percy Clifford Gay (b&d 26 Dec 1863 Madras)

  6. Reginald Ernest Hayes Gay (b 26 Feb 1865 Bangalore)

  7. Herbert Irving Gay (c 4 Apr 1867 Palghaut)

Esther Caroline HAYES (b 15 Dec 1832 Bangalore) at 18yrs on 19 Jul 1850 in Madras married 22yr John William MEADE (b 1828, d 17 Aug 1857, son of William Meade)


Rachel Jane HAYES (b1838) at 19yrs on 15 Apr 1857 in Bangalore married 20yr Joseph HILLIER (b 1837 son of Joseph Hillier), children:

  1. Florence Amelia Elizabeth Hillier (b 22 Oct 1858 Mysore) at 23yrs on 18 Nov 1882 in Alon, Burma. married 20yr Asstnt in Distillery, Edward FOWLE (b 1862 son of Edward Fowle)

  2. Violet Rachel Hillier (b 15 Jun 1861 Mysore) at 16yrs on 18 Mar 1878 in Madura married 30yr Alfred Robert HAYES (b 1848 son of James William Hayes)

  3. Joseph Edgar Hillier (b 15 Feb 1863 Mysore) at 24yrs on 31 May 1887 in Secunderabad married 23yr Florence Hannah CHAMBERS (b 1864 daughter of William Chambers)

  4. Edith Louisa Edgar (b 21 Aug 1864 Mysore)

  5. Walter Robert Hillier (c 16 May 1867 Mysore)

Selina Anne HAYES (b 9 Aug 1839 Bangalore) at 22yrs on 6 Jul 1863 in Bangalore married 23yr Samuel Augustus GODFREY (b 1840 son of Samuel Augustus Godfrey)


Rachel Jane HILLIER nee HAYES (b1838) widow, on 27 Jan 1873 in Bangalore married widowed Samuel Augustus GODFREY (b 1840 son of Samuel Augustus Godfrey)


Susan Maria Hayes (b 28 Jun 1842 Bangalore) at 18yrs on 1 Oct 1861 in Bangalore married 22yr Thomas Milburn MacFARLAND (b 1839 son of Charles MacFarland)


Arthur Michael Hayes (b 1849) at 22yrs on 20 Dec 1871 in Bangalore married 27yr Hannah Jane McDowell BIGWOOD (b 1844 daughter of Joseph Bigwood)


Next Generation

Elizabeth Eleanor Trueheart HAYES (b 4 Sep 1842 Bangalore) at 27yrs on 21 Jul 1869 in Madras married 19yr Michael McDowell COLEMAN (b 1850 son of James George Coleman)


Elizabeth Eleanor Trueheart HAYES (b 4 Sep 1842 Bangalore) married George Willoughby Septimus Van INGEN, children:

  1. Willoughby Van Ingen (b 10 Aug 1879 Mount Road)

Alfred Robert HAYES (b 25 Feb 1848 Madras) at 30yrs on 18 Mar 1878 in Madura married 16yr Violet Rachel HILLIER (b 1862 daughter of Joseph Hillier)



info from Michael Mayfield <mickmayfield@talktalk.net


Vernon ( Veron ) HAYES (born in England)  married Ethel Rebecca COLES, children:

  1. Elaine Maureen Hayes born 13 March 1926 in Bombay.

Next Generation

Elaine Maureen HAYES born 13 March 1926 in Bombay married ??, children:

  1. Susan Hayes

Next Generation

Susan Hayes married Michael Mayfield


?? HAYES married ??, children:

  1. Noreen Macauley HAYES born 1920, went to St Marys convent as a boarder

Next Generation

Noreen Macauley HAYES born 1920, went to St Marys convent as a boarder, married John Arther Douglas HESSING (Draftsman, born 1904). I think John went to a Jesuit college. They lived in Lucknow and then Calcutta.


Any connections out there? GEZ CHAPLIN <gez.chaplin@btinternet.com



My name is Joyce and I would love to hear from anyone who may know the whereabouts of or connections to Noel Hayes, last known address Howrah/Calcutta, India in the late 1930's.  Believe he served in the British army.  He had a sister, Nolene and brother, Carlton. Joyce joycewj@net2000.com.au


?? HAYES married ??, children:

  1. Noel Hayes

  2. Nolene Hayes

  3. Carlton Hayes


info from Gary Hayes  v55rayo@cogeco.ca  looking for additional information:


?? HAYES married ??, children:

  1. James Hayes

Next Generation

James HAYES married Elizabeth Facwcett, 1798 Mysore India.



info from susan_summers@tiscali.co.uk  


?? HAYES married ??, children:

  1. Irene Cynthia Hayes

Next Generation

Irene Cynthia HAYES, married Edgar Ross BASKETT, (b 1900)children:

  1. Lincoln Baskett

  2. Christopher Baskett

  3. Douglas Baskett




info from Gary Hayes v55rayo@cogeco.ca , Arnold E HAYES. aehayes@bcinternet.net

Searching for Connections to Hayes's: James Patrick Hayes, James William Hayes,( Senior);  James William Hayes, (Junior); Frances Richmond Hayes; Benjamin Orlando Hayes. Madras & Bangalore, area. Any relatives, and or descendants information would be appreciated.


?? HAYES married ??, children:

  1. Francis Richmond Hayes

Next Generation

Francis Richmond HAYES married Cecilia Caroline GOOD, children :

  1. Marion Cecilia HAYES, born 28th June 1880 at Bangalore,

  2. Minnie Irene HAYES, born 8th August 1882 at Bangalore,

  3. Mary HAYES, born 14th July 1887 at Bangalore ,

  4. Olive Isabelle, born 22nd May 1890 at Bangalore.

Next Generation

Mary HAYES believed to have married Sydney SULLIVAN


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