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?? HEIDEN married ??, children:

  1. Peter John Heiden

Next Generation

Peter John HEIDEN married ?, children:

  1. Christiana Martha Heiden (b 1840, d 18 May 1857 Madras)

Next Generation

Christiana Martha HEIDEN (b 1840, d 18 May 1857 Madras) at 16yrs on 8 Sep 1856 in Black Town, Madras, married 26yr John Lawrence O'HARA (b 30 Jul 1830, son of John Lawrence O'Hara), children:



info from Ingrid D'silva  ingrid_dsilva@hotmail.com

?? HEIDEN married ??, children:

  1. Malcolm John Heiden

Next Generation
Malcolm John HEIDEN married Doreen Mary CALLANAN (born on 1st June !932), Children:

  1. Richard Heiden- Born 5th March 1949

  2. Sylvia Heiden - Born 5th July 1950

  3. Ronald Heiden (David) Born 22nd August 1952

  4. Maureen Heiden (Dotty) Born 18th October 1954

  5. Jeffrey Heiden (Papa)Born 11th June 1956

  6. Mary Heiden - Born 25th December 1958

  7. Rosalind Heiden (Rosey) Born 26th April 1959

  8. Dorothy Heiden (Ava) Born 12th July 1960

  9. William Heiden - (Deceased)

  10. Reene Heiden - Born 16th April 1962

  11. James Heiden (Jamie) Born 10th June 1964

  12. Christine Heiden (Annie) Born 15th November 1965

  13. Wendy Heiden - Born 21st November 1968 (Spinster)

  14. Fabian Heiden - (Deceased)

Next Generation

Richard Heiden (Born 5th March 1949) married  ?? (Alphonsa - Deceased)

Richard Heiden
Remarried Manoja Ambrose, Children:

  1. Juana Married Pramod Joseph

  2. Tina Married Clinton Draper

Sylvia Heiden (Born 5th July 1950) married Harold CALLANAN, Children:

  1. Wayne

  2. Leonard

  3. Rachel

Ronald (David) Heiden married Bernice Huffton, Children:

  1. Sharon Married Brenden Williams

  2. Shane (Bachelor)

Maureen Heiden married Sheldon D'SILVA: Children:

  1. Ingrid

  2. Sunshine

Jeffrey Heiden married Bridgette D'CRUZ, Children

  1. Dominic

Mary Heiden married Athol Fernandez, Children:

  1. Sheena

  2. Jason

Rosalind Heiden married Raymond Murray, Children

  1. Kimberley

Dorothy (Ava) Heiden married Shelton Le'toille, Children:

  1. Dale

  2. Carmen

  3. Samantha

Reene Heiden married Robin D'SILVA, Children:

  1. Petula

  2. Sean

James Heiden Married Elizabeth (Betty) CALLANAN, Children:

  1. Jacintha

  2. Jillian

Christine (Annie) Heiden married Bruno Stephen, Children:

  1. Amanda

  2. Jonathan

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