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I am looking out for my grandfather(*Eric Hurd*), a Britisher, served in the British army in WW2, (my mother's father), his wife's name was *Irene Constance Vanbuerle*(my grandmother - Born 7th June 1900) & her daughter's name is *Merlyn Muriel Hurd*. My mother was born on the 21st of May,1940. She is a posthumous child. My grandmother was born in Vepery(Madras), later moved to Jodhpur, around 1939-40. If anyone has any info on the above, would be of great help. John Gawde


? HOLT married ?, choldren:

  1. James Holt

Next Generation

James HOLT married ?, children:

  1. William Holt (b 1857)

Next Generation

William HOLT (b 1857) at 36yrs on 12 Jun 1893 in Vepery married 22yr Louise Mary VANE (b 1871 daughter of James Vane)



William HOLT married ?, children:

  1. William Holt (b 1868)

Next Generation

William HOLT (b 1868) at 25yrs on 11 Jun 1893 in North Black Town Madras, married 19yr Louise Maud HOLDING, (b 1874 daughter of Alfred Holding) children:



John William HOLT married ?, children:

  1. Allen Sydney Holt (b 1879)

Next Generation

Allen Sydney HOLT (b 1879) at 28yrs on 24 Apr 1907 in Dinapore married 22yr Mabel Ann LIMA, (b 1885 daughter of Fred Lima), children:

  1. Emily Agnes Holt(b 12 Feb 1908)

  2. Gerald Eric Holt (b 26 Jan 1909, c 18 Feb 1909 Dinapore)

  3. Hope Esme Holt (b 21 Nov 1910)

  4. Gwendoline Sylvia Holt (b 14 jan 1913)

  5. Kathleen Olga Holt (b 30 Oct 1914)

  6. Clarence Bertram Holt (b 6 Jun 1916)

  7. Mildred Nina Holt (b 10 Feb 1918)

  8. Joseph Allen Sydney Holt (b 8 Feb 1922, c 26 Mar 1922 Khagole)


? HOLT married ?, children:

  1. Francis Holt

Next Generation

Francis HOLT married Louisa ?, children:

  1. Harry Holt (b 21 Oct 1893, c 23 Nov 1893 Madras)

Next Generation

Harry HOLT (b 21 Oct 1893) at 31yrs on 26 Jul 1925 in Madras married 26yr Irene Constance Van BUERLE (b 7 Jun 1900, c 15 Jul 1900 Vepery, daughter of Thomas & Caroline Van Buerle) , children:

  1. Doris Constance Holt (b 5 Oct 1926, c 6 Nov 1926 Madras)


? HOLT married ?, choldren:

  1. Eric Holt

Next Generation

Eric HOLT married ?, children:

  1. Doris Constance Holt (b 1925)

Next Generation

Doris Constance HOLT (b 1925) at 18yrs on 14 Jan 1943 in Secunderabad married 22yr John Patrick MURPHY (b 1921 son of John Patrick Murphy), Children:

  1. Michael Thomas Murphy (b 2 Jan 1946, c 27 Jan 1946 Deolali)


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