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Info from Lelia WOOD  robertwood2@bigpond.com

?? JACOBS married ??, children:

  1. Mavis Jacobs, Jhansi, India

Next Generation

Mavis JACOBS, Jhansi India, married John Sidney OVER,  born Cape Town, South Africa,  late 1800s, 2 daughters :

  1. Valerie Over, born 1936 - married Keith RACCANI (deceased),    Valerie now living in Perth Western Australia.

  2. Lelia Over  - born 1938  -  now living in KONDININ, Western Australia


info from carljacobs@powerup.com.au

?? JACOBS married ??, children:

  1. Victor Jacobs

Next Generation

Victor JACOBS married Iona ??, children:

  1. Carl JACOBS (born in Quilon Kerala, studied at St Vincents Tech school Asansol 1960-69.)

Next Generation

Carl JACOBS (born in Quilon Kerala, studied at St Vincents Tech school Asansol 1960-69) married Lorraine BALM


info from halhughes@sunset101.fsnet.co.uk , see also Hals Home Page

?? JACOBS married ??, children:

  1. Dudley Jacobs

Next Generation

Dudley JACOBS married Joyce HUGHES


Info from Neroli Goodall neroli.goodall2@intl.pepsi.com

?? JACOBS married ??, children:

  1. George Jacobs

Next Generation

George Rufus Jacobs married Alice Sarojini (?),Based in Allahabad, UP, India. Though Vicent and Bernard George moved to Calcutta and set up homes there.   Children:

  1. Vincent Herman Jacobs,

  2. Bernard George Jacobs ,

  3. Archibald Sylvester Jacobs,

  4. Eric Donald Jacobs,

  5. Doris Mona Jacobs,

  6. Roland George Jacobs

  7. Basil Jacobs. (died at the age of 13)

Next Generation

Vincent Herman Jacobs from Calcutta married Doris Rita Pereira & they had 4 children:

  1. Odette Jacobs who married Christopher Savyell (no children),

  2. Karina Jacobs

  3. Terry Jacobs (not married)

  4. Neroli Jacobs

Bernard George Jacobs married Dinky (real name don't know). They had 7 children:

  1. Basil Jacobs

  2. Heather Jacobs

  3. Amelia Jacobs

  4. Myrla Jacobs

  5. Donna Jacobs married Ferdinand,

  6. Patricia Jacobs married Leonard,

  7. Christopher Jacobs

Archibald Sylvester Jacobs married Edna Veronica ?. They had two children:

  1. Archibald Jacobs Jr

  2. Andrew (not married)

Eric Donald Jacobs married Iris Rajkumari. They had 4 children:

  1. Christine Jacobs who married Pradeep,

  2. Natalie Jacobs

  3. Esther Jacobs who married N.M. Massey

  4. Ursula Jacobs who married Afzal Charles. Details of their children, do not know

Doris Mona Jacobs married Eric Shepard. They had 4 children:

  1. Sandra Shepard who married Kitchie Duggal and

  2. Alan Sheridon Shepard

  3.  ?

  4.  ?.

Roland George Jacobs married Florence ?. They had 3 children.

  1. Brenda who married Suresh (children Benjamin & Siddharth),

  2. May Marian who married Iqba (children Sagar)l,

  3. Roland George who married Juliana Malini (Children Ruchira & Rahul)

Next Generation

Karina Jacobs married Fabian LEWIS, children

  1. Joshua Lewis

  2. Danielle Lewis

Neroli Jacobs who married Christopher GOODALL, child -

  1. Dion Goodall.

Basil Jacobs married Joyce ?,(children

  1. Jason Jacobs

  2. Beverly Jacobs

Heather Jacobs married Alan Stevens, children:

  1. Cerise Stevens

  2. Serena Stevens

  3. Louise Stevens

Amelia Jacobs married Daryl Bloude, children:

  1. Mandy Bloude

Myrla Jacobs married Sylvester ?, children

  1. Noella

Myrla Jacobs, later married Ramesh, children

  1. Rahul

Christopher JACOBS married June BURBIDGE, children

  1. Adeline Jacobs

  2. Wayne Jacobs

Archibald Jacobs Jr. married Sangeeta, children

  1. Adrian Jacobs

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