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info from Winifred Evelyn  La Bouchardiere (b 6/1/1940 Cochin)  winnie@vsnl.net (compiled with the help of Basil LaBouchardiere and Linda Tessier.) (info supplied by Iris JANES nee JONES of Perth)


Isaac JANES married Sarah THATCHER 25/12/1827 at Timsbury, Clutton, Somerset : sons

  1. Joseph Janes

  2. Isaac Janes

  3. Denzil Janes

  4. Jacob Janes (born 1845) migrated to Trivandrum

Next Generation

Joseph JANES married Ann La BOUCHARDIERE (b 1856 d 1882)


Jacob JANES married Laura STERIGIN in 1866


Maureen JANES married Roland La BOUCHARDIERE



info from  alister_d_janes@hotmail.com

?? JANES married ??, children:

  1. John Janes

Next Generation

John JANES married Lydia PENNINGTON and lived in Golden Rock (Lydia had a sister Alice who married Griffy Gonsalves. I believe the Penningtons are from Hyderabad and may still be there.) children : 

  1. Robbie Janes, 

  2. Duke Janes, 

  3. Muriel Janes, 

  4. Duchess Janes 

  5. Gerard Janes (b 16/10/1918)

Next Generation

Robbie JANES married Ivy ?, children : 

  1. Iris Janes 

  2. Kenny Janes  

(Robbie worked for the Indian Railways as a Driver, I believe.  He resigned his job and migrated to the UK .Iris is in Australia and Kenny is in England , exactly where I do not know.)

Duke JANES married Eva ?, 5 children :

  1. Lancy Jans 

  2. Ivan Janes 

  3. Celine Janes 

  4. Linda Janes 

  5. Bello Janes  

Duke settled down in Vizag and now his children are there. One of his daughters Mary married a Corrie and migrated to Australia.  

Lancy, Ivan and Linda are in Vizag. Bello expired but his family is also in Vizag (Visagapattinam).  Celine is in Madras .  She married a Chinese man.


Muriel JANES married Sonna CARLIER, children : 

  1. Eddie, 

  2. Freddie, 

  3. Patrick, 

  4. Patsy, 

  5. Carlton, 

  6. Brian, 

  7. Clinton, 

  8. Randolf, 

  9. Rudolf  


Duchess JANES married Frank BEETHAM, children : 

  1. Barbara Beetham,

  2. Rita Beetham,

  3. Leonard Beetham,

  4. Esmie Beetham 

  5. Trevor Beetham

Gerard JANES (died in 1974 at Golden Rock in Trichy)  married Mary Agnes VAZ (from Quilon) on 22/5/1967, 2 children : 

  1. Alister Dominic JANES (b 24/3/1968), 

  2. Melvin Charles JANES (b 8/6/1970)  

Next Generation

Kenny JANES married ?, children : 

  1. Duke Janes

Bello JANES married ?, children : 

  1. Muriel Janes

Patsy JANES married Freddie DAVIDS, and migrated to USA (New Jersey)


Alister Dominic JANES married Mischelle Ann WHITE on 13/6/1998, children : 

  1. Gerard Anthony JANES (b 13/4/1999)

Melvin Charles JANES (b 8/6/1970)  married Sandra Mary QUINTAL on 08.06.2002.


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