JENSEN Family Tree

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? JENSEN married ?, children:

  1. Joseph Baron Jensen (b 1840, d 4 Jul 1889 Negapatam)

Next Generation

Joseph Baron JENSEN (b 1840, d 4 Jul 1889 Negapatam) married Elizabeth ?, children:

  1. Celecia Augusta Jensen (b 6 Sep 1837 Negapatam)

  2. Alfred Jensen (b 10 Mar 1839 Negapatam)

  3. Donella Wilhelmina Jensen (b 26 Sep 1842 Negapatam)

  4. Gertrude Jensen (b 4 Jul 1844)

  5. Alice Letitia Jensen (b 9 May 1851 Madras)

Next Generation

Celecia Augusta JENSEN (b 6 Sep 1837 Negapatam) at 17yrs on 1 Aug 1855 in Negapatam married 20yr Frances Edmond LOWLIE (b 1835)


Donella Wilhelmina JENSEN (b 26 Sep 1842 Negapatam) on 24 Nov 1858 in Negapatam married Richard Alexander LEONARD (son of John Leonard)


Donella Wilhelmina LEONARD nee JENSEN (b 26 Sep 1842 Negapatam) widowed, at 46yrs on 27 Jan 1890 in Negapatam married 54yr widower Edward Thomas John CASSIDY (b 1836 son of Christopher Cassidy)


Gertrude JENSEN (b 4 Jul 1844)  on 19 Sep 1866 in Negapatam married Thomas MORAN (b 1832, d 26 Aug 1868 Madras, son of John Thomas Moran)


Gertrude MORAN nee JENSEN (b 4 Jul 1844) widowed, at 25yrs on 15 Aug 1872 in Negapatam married 35yr  

James WOODFALL (b 1837, d 15 May 1883 Negapatam), Children:

  1. Lancelot Andrew Robert Woodfall (b 1873)

  2. Donella Eugenie Woodfall (b 1875, d 14 Mar 1918 Lucknow)

  3. Una Violet Woodfall (b 17 Jan 1878 Negapatam)

Alice Letitia JENSEN (b 9 May 1851 Madras) at 24yrs on 26 Mar 1875 in Negapatam married 24yr William Bendenell WAINHOUSE (b 1851 son of Richard Bendenell Wainhouse)



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