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Kelman family of Madras and Bangalore. See Cathy Day's records at the following address:-


info from Vivian Powell

?? KELMAN married ??, children:

  1. Gordon Kelman (b ?)

Next Generation

Gordon KELMAN married Grace JONES (b ?), Children

  1. Louella Kelman

  2. Adaline Kelman

  3. Fenella Kelman

  4. Leandra Kelman

Next Generation

Louella KELMAN Married Synclair Kolb, Children

  1. Synella Kolb

Adaline Kelman Married James Mannilla, Children

  1. Jonathan

Fenella Kelman Married Vivian Powell, Children

  1. Hayden Powell


info from Christine D'Rozario

?? KELMAN married ??, children:

  1. Hector Kelman

Next Generation

Hector Kelman married Helen Nelson :their children

  1. Greta Kelman

  2. Harold Kelman

  3. Maurice Kelman

  4. Ernest Kelman

  5. John Kelman

  6. Gordon Kelman

  7. Richard Kelman

  8. Lawrence Kelman

  9. Paul Kelman

  10. Jennifer Kelman

Next Generation

Greta Kelman married ??? settled in Australia.

Harold Kelman married Heather Hayes, their children:

  1. Edgar Kelman

  2. Robert Kelman

  3. Veronica Kelman

  4. Obreta Kelman

  5. Valerie Kelman

  6. Christina Kelman

Maurice Kelman married Colette Hayes

  1. Oscar Kelman

  2. Ronnie Kelman

  3. Maryann Kelman

  4. Elvis Kelman

  5. Monica Kelman

  6. Rose Kelman

              (info from Alison Wallwork )

Ernest Kelman married Rita Bishop their children:

  1. Ceclia Kelman

  2. Ashley Kelman

  3. Lincoln Kelman

Gordon Kelman married Grace Jones

Paul Kelman married Monica Hayes

Jennifer Kelman married Benny Selwyn ,their daughter:

  1. Brinelle Selwyn


info from Enid Nicholas

?? KELMAN married ??, children:

  1. Marien Kelman

Next Generation

Marien KELMAN married Andrew NICHOLAS, children:

  1. Noel Nicholas (not married-working)

  2. Enid Nicholas (not married-working)

  3. George Nicholas (not married-working)

  4. Michael Nicholas (not married-studying)

  5. David Nicholas (not married-studying)

  6. Norman Nicholas (not married-studying)


info from

?? KELMAN married ??, children:

  1. Blossom Kelman (born 14 Feb.1936, at the Kolar Gold Fields, Bangalore)

Next Generation

Blossom KELMAN (born 14 Feb.1936) married Clarus LOPEZ (born..1930), Emigrated to the UK in 1961, 9 children, 19 grandchildren, and 2 great-grandchildren. children:

  1. Philip Lopez (born?)
  2. Desmond Lopez (born?)
  3. Larry Lopez
  4. Tyrone Lopez, not married
  5. Barbara Lopez
  6. Rowland Lopez
  7. Clarence Lopez
  8. Margaret Lopez
  9. Bryan Lopez

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