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James KERR married Janet RIDDANS, children:

  1. Robert KERR (Captain) 3rd Bengal European Regiment East India Company (born Irvine, Ayrshire Scotland  13 Nov 1750 died Chittagong India - 16th February 1794).

(Taken from an extract of Major Hodsons's List of Officers of the Bengal Army 1758-1834, verified in a letter from the Commonwealth Relations Office, )



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Clement KERR married ??, children:

  1. Charles KERR (b ? d 1880)

Next Generation

Charles KERR (PWD) (b ? d 1880) on 7 Jan 1868 in Ghazeepore) married Margaret JOHNSTONE (daughter of James Johnstone), children : 

  1. Margaret Kathleen Wilhelmina Kerr b 26 Sep 1868 Ghazeepore, 

  2. Charles William Ernest Kerr (b 15 Oct 1869 Ghazeepore, d 25 Jan 1941 Delhi)

  3. Lilian Kerr b. 1872, 

  4. Archibald Evelyn Kerr  b 10 April 1874 Lucknow, 

  5. Daisy Kerr b.1879.

  6. Charlotte Rose Kerr (c 24 Dec 1881 Lahore)

(Margaret later married Chris Quick when Charles Kerr died in 1880)


Next Generation

Margaret KERR married Henry JAMES, children: 

  1. Enid James (1891),

  2. Ernest James (1893), 

  3. Henry James (1894), 

  4. Dorothy James (1896), 

  5. Beryl James (1901), 

  6. Ruth James (1903), 

  7. Cicely James (1905).

Charles William Ernest KERR (b 15 Oct 1869 Ghazeepore, d 25 Jan 1941 Delhi) at 31yrs on 19 Nov 1900 in Dehrabazar married 21yr  Maude Lillian LARKINS, (b 1879 daughter of William Larkins) Child:  

  1. Maude Kerr (b 1902)

Lilian KERR b. 1872.  married Frederick UTTING, Children were: 

  1. Rita Utting  

  2. Frederick Utting 

  3. Gladys Utting 

  4. Douglas Utting

Archibald Evelyn KERR b.1874 m. Mary-Anne ?. Children were: 

  1. Vera Kerr 

  2. Mona Kerr 

  3. Kitty Kerr

Daisy KERR b.1879. married Sidney FOX, Child:

  1. Jocelyn Errol FOX (educated in England and married and lived in West Indies, Trinidad, Jamaica. Went on to live in Malawi Africa and subsequently returned to England.)

Next Generation

Maude KERR (b 1902) at 24yrs on 19 Apr 1926 in Simla married 27yr William Somerset Erskine MAUNES-ABBETT (b 1899 son of William Maunes)



George Lindsay KERR (b 1825, d 27 Nov 1876 Calcutta, General Episcopal cemetery) married Hortensia ??, children:

  1. Margaret Evelyn Kerr (b 21 Jan 1854 Fort William)

  2. Emily Nina Kerr (b 31 Mar 1855 Fort William)

  3. George Eugene Kerr (b 23 May 1856 Fort William)

  4. William Wilkie Kerr (b 27 Sep 1864 Calcutta)

  5. Charles Hugh Lindsay Kerr (b 14 Feb 1865 Calcutta)

Next Generation

Charles Hugh Lindsay KERR (b 14 Feb 1865 Calcutta) married ?, children:

  1. Dennis Cyril Lindsay Kerr (b 1911)

Next Generation

Dennis Cyril Lindsay Kerr (b 1911) at 22yrs on 27 Sep 1933 in Calcutta married 19yr Esme Lucia Kerr (b 1914 daughter of Reginald Lindsay Kerr), children:

  1. Anita Daphne Kerr (b 18 Mar 1934 Calcutta)



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?? KERR married ??, children:

  1. Mervyn Dennis KERR (b 19 Nov 1933 Quetta, Balochistam, d Feb 2001 Calcutta)

Next Generation

Mervyn Dennis KERR (b 19 Nov 1933 Quetta, Balochistam, d Feb 2001 Calcutta) married ??, children:

  1. Neville Dennis Kerr (b 1960 Bombay)

  2. Richard Kerr

  3. Stephen George Kerr

Next Generation

Neville Dennis KERR (b 1960 Bombay, studied at Dr Graham's School, Kalimpong, served in the Indian Army) married Ameena Mary Anne PINTO (b 1962 Bombay) son:

  1. David Stephen Dennis Kerr (b 1993 Bombay)

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