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I, Iona Russell (nee Pope) am looking for any cousins from my fatherís side and also from my mothers side they were respectively the Popes and Davitts from Madras. I know there are lots of you out there all somewhere and we are feeling lonely so please do contact me at my ;

info submitted by Leslie James Anthony HUTT


John KNIGHT married Maria ??.  children:

  1. Henry Charles Knight (b 3 May 1863, c 21 May 1863 Belgaum, d 26 Feb 1916 Madras, age 53)

Next Generation

Henry Charles KNIGHT (b 1863, d 26 Feb 1916 Madras, age 53) at 26yrs on 15 Jan 1890 in Vepery married 18yr Nancy Eleanor Beatrice GIRTON, (b 1872 daughter of William James Girton) children:

  1. Gladys Beatrice KNIGHT (b 15 Aug 1902 Madras)

  2. Doris Helen Knight (b 19 Aug 1905 Madras)

Next Generation

Gladys Beatrice KNIGHT (b 15 Aug 1902 Madras) at 19yrs on 13 Oct 1920 in Vepery married 20yr Lucious Charles POPE. (b 1900 son of Frederick Attwell Pope) Children:

  1. Walter Charles Pope (b Madras 15th March 1921)

  2. Malcolm Pope - used to stay in Bangalore - married Joyce ??

  3. Ronald Pope

  4. Clarence Pope

Doris Helen KNIGHT (b 19 Aug 1905 Madras) at 27yrs on 29 Jun 1932 in Perambur married 29yr widowed James William HUTT, (b 1903 son of William Hutt) children: 

  1. Aileen Hutt

  2. Avril Hutt

  3. Daphne Anne Hutt

  4. Phillip Anthony Hutt

  5. George Hutt


info from cherylshivan

?? KNIGHT married ??.  children:

  1. Iris Knight

Next Generation

Iris KNIGHT married Malcolm PETERS, children:

  1. Rhoda Peters

  2. Gavin Peters

  3. Naomi Peters


info submitted by Nick

?? KNIGHT married ??.  children:

  1. Ginger Knight

Next Generation

Ginger KNIGHT married Mark La BOUCHARDIERE, children:

  1. Rachael La BOUCHARDIERE


info from Malcolm G Heppolette

?? KNIGHT married ??.  children:

  1. Mary Knight

Next Generation

Mary KNIGHT (my g-g- grandmother) on 4 Apr 1832 in Secunderabad Madras married Emmanuel HEPPOLETTE (b 1815), children:

  1. Samuel Hypolette (b 8 May 1838 Madras)

  2. Benjamin Hypolette (b 7 Dec 1840 Arcot)

  3. George Hypolette (b 5 Dec 1842 Arcot


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