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Dear Sir, One of the grandmothers of one of my grandmothers was one of the children of Johannes Labrooy. Her name was Dirkje Labrooy. Dirkje, born 2 february 1794 in Monster in The Netherlands, was the youngest child of Johannes. She had one sister (Elisabeth,1781) and five brothers Pieter,1780; Hendrik GabriŽl, 1783; Frank, 1784; Jan, 1786 and Frans, 1788. They all lived in Monster. The family of Johannes origanaly came from France (Valenciennes). His family tree begins with Druon La Broy born abt 1600 in Valenciennes. We cannot find (except Dirkje) any of the six other children of Johannes. It may be that they all went after 1799/1814 to other countries for political reasons. Our archives don't give any information and nobody with the name Labrooy is still living in our country. If you could help me with any information about this family (many names in Australia with this name can be found on internet, but I couldn't find one who was looking for his/her family tree), I would be very thankful.  Greetings from Pieter Dubbelman.  I (born in 1927) am living in a small town Burgh-Haamstede in the Netherlands.


info from Dilys Bartholomeusz

?? LABROOY married  ?? , children:

  1. Jasper James La'Brooy (born 10/5/11, Tangasseri, Quilon, India)

Next Generation

Jasper James LA'BROOY (born 10/5/11, Tangasseri, Quilon, India) married Marie Bayross (born 1/7/20)at Infant Jesus Church, Tangasseri, Quilon.  Children:

  1. Dilys La'Brooy (born 2/3/49, Tangasseri, Quilon)
  2. Sherard La'Brooy (born 2/8/51, Manapad, India)
  3. Paul La'Brooy (29/10/57, Manapad, India)
  4. Letitia La'Brooy (27/5/59, Tangasseri, Quilon, India).


Info from Sherin Brook

?? LABROOY married Marjorie ?? (b 24/8/1894), children:

  1. Clement Theodore Labrooy

Next Generation

Clement Theodore LABROOY married Ida Catherine ANDREE in Sri Lanka, children:

  1.  .

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