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info from Dew  Lawrent

Can you kindly help me trace my family tree?  I am a Lawrent from Madurai, SOUTH INDIA the only one here but have heard of Lawrents in Italy - my grandfather's brother who had married an Italian girl and settle there.  If you have any information , please email me. My Mum was called Hope Lawrent, my grandfather Albert Edward Lawrent whose siblings were Helen, Sidney, and others whose names at the moment elude me.

My mum was a Lawrent who married a Lawrent. I am searching for relatives of my granddad who might have been born somewhere around  early 1900 or even before the turn of the century  who were Lawrents. I'm sorry i can't give you exact details as i am not aware of any.

My grandmother was a Wilde whose brother and sister passed away very young, before marriage.

?? LAWRENT married ??, children:

  1. Albert Edward Lawrent
  2. Helen Lawrent
  3. Sidney Lawrent
  4. ??

Next Generation
Albert Edward Lawrent married ?? WILDE, children:

  1. ?? Lawrent

Next Generation

?? Lawrent married Hope Lawrent, children:

  1. Dew Lawrent

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