LEE Family Tree

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info from Brenda Gilby brenda.gilby@tiscali.nl

?? LEE married ??, children:

  1. Adeline Marie Lee (born 1922 in ??) Now resident in UK

Next Generation

Adeline Marie LEE (born 1922 in ??) Now resident in UK, married Walter Singer DODD (b January 1919 - d March 1988 in Wembley, UK). Children:

  1. Patricia Marie DODD (born 1943 in Chakradharpore)
  2. Brenda Margaret DODD (born 1945 in Chakradharpore)
  3. Jacqueline Ann DODD  (born 1948 in Chakradharpore)
  4. Terrence Bernard DODD (born 1950 in Chakradharpore)
  5. Suzette Ann DODD (born 1958 in Chakradharpore)


info from Jeffrey Wheeler jwheeler@global.net.au & iql@iprimus.com.au

?? LEE married ??, children:

  1. Vivian Lloyd Lee

Next Generation

Vivian Lloyd LEE at St John's Church Vishakapatnam, India, married Edna MAE Hogermeer (Born 24/11/1908,India died 28th July 2003 in Royal Adelaide Hospital, Adelaide, SA) on 27/11/1929 and their children are:

  1. Colleen Lee
  2. Joan Lee
  3. Margaret Lee

George LEE married Daisy Hogermeer and their children are: 

  1. Quintin Clement Lee,
  2. Avis Lee
  3. Desmond Lee

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