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?? LENNON married ??, children:

  1. Mary Stella Jane Lennon

Next Generation

Mary Stella Jane LENNON, (b. 20 Sep 1862, d. 15 Dec 1938 in Coonoon, South India) married Albert George VAN HAEFTEN, (b. 19 May 1854, occupation Forestry Officer). Albert died 30 Aug 1919 in Coonoor, South India.  Children:

  1. Mary Stella Frances VAN HAEFTEN, (b. 26 Oct 1881, baptized  2 Nov 1881 in Calicut RC Church.)married William Arthur LAFRENAIS on 8 May 1901 in Calicut Parochial Church.

  2. Maud Anna Luna VAN HAEFTEN, b. 29 Nov 1885 married  Thomas Cuthbert WYNNE on 8 Sep 1909 in St. Anthony's Church, Cooncar.

  3. Agnes B. VAN HAEFTEN b. 16 Oct 1888.

  4. Sol Victor VAN HAEFTEN, b. 12 May 1891.

  5. Grace VAN HAEFTEN, b. 25 Dec 1892.

  6. Joseph Valentine Pat. VAN HAEFTEN, b. 14 Feb 1896.

  7. Albert George VAN HAEFTEN b. 6 Jun 1898.

  8. Rosamond Marie VAN HAEFTEN, (b. 8 Feb 1900) married Thomas Henry MCMANUS on 18 Aug 1920 in Wellington RC Church, Madras., occupation Sargeant, Signals.


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?? LENNON married ??, children:

  1. Mary Ann Lennon

Next Generation

Mary Ann LENNON in about 1850 married James RIGBY (1810-1859) (HEIC) after his 1st wife Mary died.  2 children, but details not certain.

  1. Eliza Ann Rigby

  2. Jane Rigby


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?? LENNON married ??, children:

  1. Nora Lennon

Next Generation

Nora LENNON married Stanislaus (Stan) F. LOVERY. Stan was also a guard on the Railway based in Khurda Road. He passed away in 1989. Stan and Nora had I daughter and 2 sons.  Angus still lives in India:

  1.  Garth Lovery. Garth died of cancer in the early 1990's

  2.  Angus Lovery lives in Khurda Road

  3.  Gloria Lovery


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?? LENNON married ??, children:

  1. Rita Lennon

Next Generation

Rita LENNON married Leslie PALMER (Barnes School, Arsansol). Family moved to Australia in April 1966; children:

  1. Lesley Palmer (Ramnee School - Naini Tal 1956-62)

  2. Lorraine Palmer

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