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?? LOCKE married ??, children:

  1. Thomas Locke

Next Generation

Thomas LOCKE married Justa Jacobina HOFF, children:

  1. Henry Saville Montague LOCKE (b 10 Jul 1835 Madras, d 4 Feb 1902)

Next Generation

Henry Saville Montague LOCKE (b 10 Jul 1835 Madras, d 4 Feb 1902) at 24yrs on 20 June 1860 in Vepery married 23yr Augusta Adelaide MITCHELL (b 1837, d 2 Jan 1875 Madras, age 37) ??, children:

  1. Clifford Percival Locke (b 17 Sep 1861 Madras)

  2. James Henry Locke (b 1864)

  3. Mabel Villette Locke (b 8 Oct 1865 Madras)

  4. Margaret Anne Locke (b 1870, d 3 Nov 1870 Washermanspettah, infant)

Henry Saville Montague LOCKE (b 10 Jul 1835 Madras, d 4 Feb 1902) widowed at 38yrs on 23 Oct 1878 in Madras married 18yr Mary Ann Jane FOSBERRY, (b1860 daughter of Francis Fosberry) children:

  1. Elizabeth Evelina Locke (b 1881)

  2. Laura Jane Locke (b 25 Jul 1890 Bangalore)

Next Generation

James Henry LOCKE (b 1864) at 26yr on 18 June 1890 in Madras married 25yr Violet Amelia CLAMP (b 1865) children:

  1. Henry Leopold Mervine Locke (b 3 Dec 1895 Podanur)

  2. Phylis Amelia Locke (b 2 Nov 1898 Madras)

  3. Merlyn Violet Locke (b 15 Oct 1901 Madras)

Elizabeth Evelina LOCKE (b 1881) at 15yrs on 3 Jun 1896 in Bangalore married 24yr William Patrick WRIGHT (b 1872 son of Thomas Adolphus Wright)


Next Generation

Henry Leopold Mervine LOCKE (b 3 Dec 1895 Podanur) at 23yrs on 25 Jun 1919 in Coimbatore married 21yr Beryl Rena Mary JEREMIAH (b 1898 daughter of Donald Edward Jeremiah)


Phylis Amelia LOCKE (b 2 Nov 1898 Madras) at 21yrs on 1 Dec 1920 in South George Town, Madras, married 32yr George Ellis D'BRASS (b 1888 son of Charles George D'Brass)


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