PACHECO Family Tree

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info from Keith Pacheco

?? PACHECO married ??, 3 children:

  1. Francis Xavier Pacheco (b 1892 in Coorg, India, died in 1959 as a result of a motoring incident, aged 34)
  2.  Maud Pacheco (School Teacher)
  3.  ? Pacheco (married and died without issue)

Next Generation

Francis Xavier PACHECO (Stores Controller working for the GIPR in Jhansi, 1 of 3 children from Coorg)  in 1935 in Bangalore married Marie Hyacinth Denise La Bouchardiere  (aged 17, Primary school teacher in Bangalore and Jhansi, died 1999) in Jhansi, UP and had one son. They moved to Bombay in 1944 and emigrated to England in 1953 on the SS Carthage. Both Francis and Marie have now died.

  1. Keith Charles Bernard Xavier Pacheco (born 1942 Jhansi. We moved to Clare Road Bombay in 1944. I attended St Mary's High School till I was 11 years old.  We left India in 1953.  I have just heard that my grandfather left Holland for India and thats all.)

Next Generation

Keith Charles Bernard Xavier PACHECO (born 1942 Jhansi) married Frances Rosalind Newcombe in 1970, children:

  1. Ana Francisca Pacheco

  2. Carlos Romano Pacheco

  3. Ché Antonio Pacheco

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