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?? PEPPIN married ??, children:

  1. William Peppin

Next Generation

William PEPPIN married Susan ?, children:

  1. John Peppin (b 20 Sep 1810 Quilon)


John PEPPIN married Hannah ??, children:

  1. John William Peppin (b 29 Jul 1843 Quilon)

Next Generation

John William PEPPIN (b 29 Jul 1843 Quilon) at 22yrs on 12 May 1864 in Madras married 19yr Susan Augusta DEONIES, (b 1845) children:

  1. Hannah Maria Peppin (b 15 Mar 1865 Kurnool)

  2. George William Peppin (b 15 Aug 1866 Kurnool)

  3. Mercy Augusta Peppin

  4. Benjamin Walter Peppin

  5. Christiana Patience Peppin (b 22 Jan 1868 Kurnool)

  6. Frederick Victor Peppin

  7. Matilda Louisa Grace Peppin (b 1875)

  8. Alfred Peppin (b 1883)

Next Generation

Hannah Maria PEPPIN (b 15 Mar 1865 Kurnool) at 18yrs on 10 Nov 1883 in Trichinopoly married widowed 40yr John SINCLAIR (b 1843 son of John Sinclair)


Hannah Maria PEPPIN (b 15 Mar 1865 Kurnool) at 21yrs on 12 Jan 1887 in Trichinopoly married 22yr James Charles REAY (b 1865 son of James George Reay)


George William PEPPIN (b 15 Aug 1866 Kurnool) widowed at 44yrs on 9 Jan 1918 in Coimbatore married 20yr Isis Elizabeth POWELL (b 1898 daughter of Samuel Powell)


Christiana Patience PEPPIN (b 22 Jan 1868 Kurnool) at 22yrs on 16 Jul 1890 in Negpatam married 27yr William Peter CLEUR (b 1863 son of Charles Cleur)


Matilda Louisa Grace PEPPIN (b 1875) at 18yrs on 13 Feb 1893 in Madras married 22yr Daniel Duncan HALIBURN (b 1871 son of Joseph Haliburn)


Alfred PEPPIN (b 1883) at 36yrs on 3 Mar 1919 married 26yr Antonia Esther PEPPIN (b 1893 daughter of Thomas Henry Peppin)


Alfred PEPPIN (b 1883) widowed at 40yrs on 14 Dec 1932 in Golden Rock, Trichy married 31yr widow Norah Ellen SMITH nee D'Cruz  (b 1901 daughter of Gilbert Stephen D'Cruz)



?? PEPPIN married ??, children:

  1. Thomas Henry Peppin

Next Generation

Thomas Henry PEPPIN married Augustina ??, children:

  1. John Joseph Peppin (b 1888, d 1 Sep 1891 Madras)

  2. Francis Antonio Peppin (b 1885, d 10 Sep 1891 Madras, age 6)

  3. Josephine Mary Peppin  (b 5 Dec 1894 Madras, d 20 Sep 1915, Madras)

  4. Alice Maud Peppin (b 5 Feb 1897 Madras)

  5. Antonio Esther Peppin (b 1893)

  6. Francis Philomena Peppin (b 1900)

  7. Anthony Francis Peppin (b 13 Oct 1900 Madras)

Next Generation

Josephine Mary PEPPIN (b 5 Dec 1894 Madras, d 20 Sep 1915, Madras) at 20yrs on 21 Jun 1915 at Madras married 29yr Frederick Luke FONCECA (b 15 Apr 1887 Vepery, c 5 Jun 1887). No Children


Francis Philomena Peppin (b 1900) at 20yrs on 26 Jan 1920 in Madras



info from Rachel Deepa Peppin ,

?? PEPPIN married ??, children:

  1. Cyril Arthur Peppin

Next Generation

Cyril Arthur Peppin married Amy Millicent D'SILVA (early 1900's). They had 2 children:

  1. Michael Peppin

  2. Marjorie Peppin.

Next Generation

Michael Peppin married Vinoo JACOB (1975, Bangalore, India) They now reside in Madras.


Marjorie Peppin married Charles LAZARO, they live in Australia.



info from


Connie PEPPIN married ?? HARRISON and had two girls

  1. Elsie Harrison (1901 Calcutta)

  2. Ruby Harrison (born in Calcutta)


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